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The future of Microsoft technology 

We've interviewed Microsoft’s Head of Business Applications, Rob Smithson, to talk about the challenges facing organisations today and how Microsoft technology together with the right partner can change the future of your organisation.

Ongoing macro and micro disruption have created uncertainty for private and public sector organisations. It’s a more challenging environment in which to operate than ever. Yet there is an upside. 

Organisations have taken the learnings from managing in this challenging climate and become more robust as a result.

In fact, Microsoft’s Head of Business Applications, Rob Smithson, believes Businesses in the UK are now some of the most resilient in the world.

Underpinning this success are partners like HSO. And the right partner fit helps you find the right solution to these challenges, because ultimately, you don’t know what you don’t know. 

The future direction of Microsoft technology an Artificial Intelligence (AI) centric one. With announcements like Dynamics CoPilot and Native to Bing ChapGPT, as well as increased automation so people can add value in the way they do best.

Here’s the view from Microsoft’s Rob Smithson: 


The future of Microsoft technology


What can HSO technology do for your organisation

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