Values and Culture at HSO

Find out how we empower you to transform your career without compromising your life...

Evolve, upskill and learn

HSO is global by design and has grown by client reference because of its quality work. Our mission and vision has never changed, and won't, and we consider our clients our partners giving an unbreakable commitment to achieving results.

We have a culture of collaborative innovation, being ever-evolving with the ability to embrace change, react and adapt with entrepreneurial spirit and determination. At HSO we are performance and value driven and enjoy working with people who are willing to continually evolve, upskill and learn.

As a community of people with an entrepreneurial spirit, HSO offers you big consultancy client experience in an environment where you can really make a difference and have your voice heard.

We constantly challenge ourselves to be better. Come join the journey with us!

"We have a culture of innovation, embracing change and always ready to react and adapt. We are a community of curious individuals who want to stay 10 steps ahead."

Peter J. ter Maaten, Founder and CEO
large enough to serve, small enough to care

Our Core Values

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    At HSO we enjoy a culture of collaboration and support and a collaborative hybrid working model where we team flexibly with purpose at the heart of our working arrangements. We use teamwork not just to meet challenges, but to also promote one another’s success.

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    We believe strongly in our values of always learning, always evolving and not standing still. HSO is dedicated to the ongoing professional development of people starting with the training and certification of our early career starters through to supporting senior experienced professionals.

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    Value Driven

    Our values and culture are attractive to people who want to work with value-driven teams around the world. Collaborating with colleagues and clients who are experts in their field provides an exceptional opportunity in your career to be continuously upskilling and expanding your knowledge and talent for accelerated learning and career progression.

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    At HSO we transform the way in which people work and how businesses operate to get results for our clients. This takes exceptional cutting-edge technology, knowledge, talent, determination and entrepreneurial spirit. Our culture and values support entrepreneurial mindsets and attitudes where your voice will always be heard.

"At HSO we support one another to drive innovation and that is very much why our people are so important to us"

Sake Algra, Managing Director, HSO The Netherlands

A healthy work-life balance

Choose how you want to work!

  • We enjoy a collaborative hybrid working model, teaming flexibly for purposeful working relationships.
  • Career opportunities span a range of roles that have a mix of location dependence or travel commitments, through to fully remote opportunities.
  • We have global roles at HSO International for people who want to travel.
  • Regional roles across our office locations for those who would prefer to stay in one country.

HSO's Top 10

1. One of the world’s top business solution and implementation partners
2. An ambitious and growing company with an exceptional legacy
3. An award winning business and recognized as a great place to work
4. A company that provides a range of challenging client projects in an exciting era of transformation
5. A place to excel in getting experience across different sectors, technologies and capabilities

6. A business with the ability to deliver end-to-end transformation across all Microsoft services
7. One of the only businesses in this sector dedicated to your ongoing professional development
8. A company that provides sector specialists with the opportunity to re-train as consultants
9. A business that enjoys an open non-hierarchical structure where your voice will be heard
10. A culture where you are empowered to transform your career without compromising your life

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Life at HSO

Heike Raubenheimer
Project Manager

After 11+ years at HSO it still feels great to see our customers succeed

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Ann-Sophie Schmid
HR Business Partner

Ann-Sophie Schmid

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Siyue Chen
D365 F&O Consultant

Meet Siyue Chen, a champion for innovation at HSO International

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Mark Bennigsen
Enterprise Architect

An Architect's Vision: Building Business Value at HSO

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Great Place to Work HSO

HSO acquires Great Place to Work Certification

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Nadja Ozegovic
Communication & Change Specialist

Nadja Ozegovic on Remote working

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Disary Nath Sarkar
Software Engineer

A day in the life of... Disary Nath Sarkar

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Jolijn Hurkens
Young Professional

Meet Young Professional Jolijn

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Sam Yeo
Graduate Consultant

From Classroom to Conference room: How HSO's graduate program is shaping Sam's career

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Meet our recruiters in Germany!

Please meet our recruiters in Germany and if there aren't any live vacancies feel free to make contact directly via email with your CV and cover letter. 

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Jaqui Hoyle
Head of Solution Architecture

Women in tech: From paper-based accounting to Head of Cloud Architecture

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The Journey to Lead Program

Find out how we coach and guide a group of leaders to become the next generation of managers. Léonie Havekes and Nathalie Boerefijn share what they’ve learned in their Journey to Lead.

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Collega's in de spotlight 

From India to Silicon Valley, and from Malta to Rotterdam: Siddharth and Divya Singh have lived all over the world and worked for the same employers. Together with their daughter, they have seen it all. How did the couple end up at HSO in the Netherlands? In this interview, they share their remarkable story. 

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Juan Bravo Vargas
Solution Architect

Meet Juan, Author and Innovator at HSO International

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Kevin Kotzab
Consultant Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE

From graduate to CRM Consultant in under two years

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Florian Jung
Consultant Microsoft Dynamics 365

Meet Florian Jung - from consultant to presales at HSO

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Jandus Knoesen
Senior Integration Consultant

Meet Jandus Knoesen, HSO International's passionate problem-solver

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Sanya Chhabra
M365 Modern Workplace Architect

Sanya Chhabra empowers teams to transform themselves digitally

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Peter van Haaften
Engagement Director

With clear and personal vision, Peter van Haaften looks toward the future with HSO

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William van Zweeden
Marketing Manager HSO International

Employee Event: HSO International Says "Let's Meet at the Beach"

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Hannes van Heerden
Program Manager | HSO International

A pathfinder of business possibilities at HSO International

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Tudor Radoi
Business Intelligence Consultant | HSO International

Meet Tudor Radoi, who propels HSO clients to the next level

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Hatice Aydın
D365 Consultant | HSO International

Hatice Aydın, planting the seeds for success at HSO

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Celine Rodriguez
Senior BI Consultant | HSO International

The way of working at HSO is completely different

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Sviatoslav Shatokhin
Lead D365 Consultant | HSO International

Being output driven means HSO really suits me

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Camilla Krog
Project Manager | HSO International

Camilla Krog drives HSO International firmly towards success

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Oksana Danyliak
Sr D365 Consultant | HSO International

Oksana Danyliak driven to reach her full potential at HSO International

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An inside perspective of HSO's Young Professionals Program Journey

After graduating as an Industrial Engineer in Turkey, Hatice Aydin decided to pursue a career in IT and Business Applications.  She was working on ERP projects and doing a master’s degree in software engineering. "It was at this time I realized I wanted to be involved in international and diverse projects while also gaining experience abroad. And so my path crossed with that of HSO International." Here is the story that brought me to HSO International’s Young Professionals Program (YPP).

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Peter Kooijman
Program Director | HSO International

HSO offered me the opportunity to work in an international company

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Hilde van der Meulen
Lead Consultant | HSO Netherlands

Meet Hilde van der Meulen, the ever-evolving mindset

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Georgiana Stuparu
D365 Team Lead

With a passion to help people grow, Georgiana Stuparu builds future leaders at HSO International

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Collaboration in a multicultural team 

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A Strong ambition and Innovative HR Approach 

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Two enlightening weeks conducting BI training in Ghana

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Tulasi Sanil
Technical Lead | HSO India

Meet Tulasi Sanil

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Namitha Suresh
Analyst | HSO India

Meet Namitha Suresh

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Shirish Dattapuram
Sr. Functional Consultant | HSO India

Meet Shirish Dattapuram

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Paula Bianca Francisco
Manager Architecture Team | HSO Canada

Meet Paula Bianca Francisco - From Graduate to Manager

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Appaseheb R. Narasannavar
Associate Director | HSO India

Meet Appasaheb Narasannavar

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Miriam Clancy
Solution Architect | HSO United Kingdom

Miriam Clancy: From end-user to consultant

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Moritz Glaser
Solution Architect

Driving performance at HSO and ever evolving his career

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Erika Haverkamp
HR Officer | HSO International

Meet Erika Haverkamp, master of all trades at HSO International

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Divya Singh
Delivery Manager | HSO International

Turning unexpected opportunities into Gold at HSO

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Katie Bishop
Cross-Industry & Client Marketing Manager | HSO United States

No problem is too large or small when you collaborate

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Vacancies in the spotlight

NL Veenendaal

Consulting & Technology

Solution Architect Customer Engagement D365

Als Solution Architect ben jij gedurende de klantreis het inhoudelijke geweten en help je organisaties hun doelstellingen te realiseren. Jij lost complexe business vraagstukken op door de juiste vertaling en inrichting te maken naar technologie. Sterker nog: met Dynamics 365 overtref je de verwachtingen van de klant. Jij bent functioneel verantwoordelijk voor de implementatie van de integrale CE-oplossing. Ben je een ervaren Senior Consultant of Solution Architect en wil je vooroplopen met innovatie en technologie? Dan is HSO CRM Solutions op zoek naar jou!Jij stelt bij jouw klanten de roadmap op voor nieuwe projecten en zorgt dat er een solide, consistente en toekomstbestendige oplossing wordt ontworpen. Jij bent een sparringpartner voor het senior management en jij fungeert als spin in het web tussen klant, jouw technische en functionele collega’s en de projectmanagers. Daarnaast geef jij input voor de doorontwikkeling van branche oplossingen van HSO. Vaak ben jij ook betrokken en ook verantwoordelijk voor de realisatie van de oplossing. Jij vindt het daarom fijn om zelf ook in de klei te staan, om zorg te dragen dat jouw oplossingen worden gerealiseerd, de kwaliteit van de oplossing hoog is en de klanttevredenheid toe neemt. Jij hebt nauw contact met andere Solution Architecten, Lead Consultants, Projectmanagers en Accountmanagers om up-sell en cross-sell te spotten en proactief de klant en jouw (internationale) collega’s te verrassen met nieuwe kennis en branche inzichten.Jij bentEen ontwerper! Jij bent goed in staat om het bedachte en ontworpen applicatie landschap ook overtuigend te presenteren aan de klant (veelal IT-director, afdelingshoofden, key users architect, projectmanager).Een strateeg! Je bent een gedreven professional met een klantgerichte en stressbestendige instelling! Jij bent analytisch, creatief en communicatief sterk. Daarnaast geef je graag feedback en sta je altijd klaar voor jouw team.Een visionair! Jij bent van mening dat stilstand achteruitgang is en bent daarom altijd op zoek naar mogelijkheden om je kennis te vergroten. De kennis die jij hebt opgedaan deel je graag met je collega’s. Delen is voor jou vermenigvuldigen.

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NL Veenendaal

Consulting & Technology

(Senior) Consultant Customer Engagement D365

Als Consultant Customer Engagement D365 vertaal je de vraagstukken van de klant naar de beste oplossing. Wil je voorop lopen met innovatie en technologie? Dan is HSO CRM Solutions op zoek naar jou! Jij helpt met jouw kennis en persoonlijkheid het verschil bij onze klanten en helpt HSO groeien.Jouw uitdagingen: Jij lost complexe business vraagstukken op door de juiste vertaling en inrichting te maken naar technologie; Sterker nog: met dynamics 365 overtref je de verwachtingen van de klant; Samen met het projectteam zorg je voor een vlekkeloze implementatie; Je bent het aanspreekpunt voor de klant en de verbindende schakel tussen betrokken teams en partijen.

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NL Veenendaal

Consulting & Technology

Technical Architect Power Platform

Als Technical Architect ben je eindverantwoordelijk voor de technische architectuur op de korte en lange termijn in projecten en sales trajecten. Je beschrijft en ontwikkelt de technische architectuur inclusief de integraties die daarbij komen kijken. Naast het ontwerpen van migratiescenario’s, onderhoud je ook contact met de technische en inhoudelijke stakeholders bij de klant en HSO. Het maken en uitdragen van technische best practices richting klanten en (interne) collega’s. Als Technical Architect ben je de motivator voor de technische collega’s van het klantteam. Als digital leader naar de klant ben je in staat om breder te kijken dan de oplossing die wij leveren maar zie je deze in het totale end-to-end klantproces. Als Technical Architect ben je verantwoordelijk voor het technische deel van de oplossing. Daarnaast: Je bent betrokken in de designfase en bepaalt welke technologieën kunnen worden gebruikt in welke scenario's. Je draagt bij aan de technische best practices van HSO en draagt deze ook uit naar de klant en het team. Je fungeert als technische vraagbaak voor de technische en functionele consultants. Daarnaast houd je je bezig met integraties met andere (third-party) applicaties, je denkt mee over integration patterns. Je zorgt ervoor dat alles in source control terecht komt en dat er automatisch uitgerold wordt d,m,v, Azure DevOps pipelines. Samen met de Product Owner stel je een roadmap op voor technische verbeteringen. Wat vertellen onze huidige technische architecten over deze rol?“Het werk als technische architect is heel erg uitdagend en gevarieerd. Je werkt samen met hele leuke collega’s op projecten. Op het project ben je verantwoordelijk voor de algehele kwaliteit en samenhang van het IT-landschap. Primair binnen de kaders van het project. Echter doordat je implementatie altijd samenhangt met andere systemen ben je ook veel bezig met het landschap buiten het Microsoft project. Je bepaalt samen met de klant waar je naartoe gaat over de jaren heen en ziet jouw plannen dan werkelijkheid worden. Als je het leuk vindt is er ook altijd ruimte om op de inhoud in te gaan. Als je dat doet ben je vooral bezig met de complexe onderdelen van het project en dat is erg leuk en uitdagend.Naast de projecten houd je je bezig met de best practices van HSO. Je krijgt daardoor altijd de nieuwe ontwikkelingen mee en krijgt de kans om daar wat mee te doen.”

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