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Manufacturers are facing rising costs and a vulnerable supply chain. Advantages of automation, AI and machine learning have caused a shift towards smart factories and data-driven manufacturers.

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Scaling the Smart Factory

How to leverage connectivity, automation, data and AI and actually scale smart factory use cases and initiatives? Our best practices, experience and Microsoft's Azure AI Platform help you get there. 

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We use technology to transform the way you work

We use technology as a means of addressing the challenges and pain points common in manufacturing. By designing a clear digital roadmap, we bring transformation within reach.

Industry 4.0 - the digital, smart factory of the future - presents huge opportunities for manufacturing companies and technical service providers. But before you stuff machines with sensors, we ask another question: how can technology support the growth and continuity of your business? When the answer is clear, we design and build an application landscape that supports this strategy. 

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Good to know: you don't need a new ERP to gain access to your data. However, when necessary, we bring legacy systems, SAP or Oracle, to the cloud, or implement cloud-based, modern applications. 

What sets HSO apart

HSO is your Business Transformation Partner with deep industry expertise and global reach, leveraging the full power of Microsoft technology to transform the way you work and improve your business performance.

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HSO International Global Delivery Capabilities

With a consistent global delivery methodology shared across all locations and global delivery centers, HSO’s “Kernel” approach allows us to deliver template implementations worldwide, accelerating business transformation for multi-national companies at an affordable cost point with predictable outcomes.

24/7 Global Managed Services

Support core business systems while working proactively on transformation efforts that will secure future success. With everything from upgrades, migrations, continuous optimization and insights on improving business processes, HSO allows you to focus on your core business and innovate faster.

Large enough to serve, small enough to care

For more than 30 years we’ve measured our success in just one way-we win when our clients win. HSO is the agile, industry-focused alternative to large, traditional global SIs. Our goal is to drive improvements in your business performance by leveraging the power of Microsoft technology - accelerating the impact of digital transformation.

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