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HSO has the industry knowledge, experience and solutions you need to grow and lead in your market. Learn more about HSO’s Industry experience.


How can technology support the growth and continuity of your business? HSO helps manufacturers to become competitive, innovative and resilient.

Advantages of automation, AI and machine learning have caused a shift towards smart factories and data-driven manufacturers.

Professional services

We help you leveraging the value of your network

People-centered, client-focused and project-driven: that’s professional services in a nutshell. From AEC to legal, accounting and consulting: these sectors all operate in challenging and fast-paced markets. We design and implement technology solutions that enable better decision-making and effective working.

Financial services

We bring you digital vision to life

Whether banking and capital markets, insurance, wealth, asset and investment management, technology is a key differentiator in this field. How to navigate intense competition, stay in compliance with ever-changing regulations and leverage commercial opportunities.

Three people reviewing a financial chart on a computer


Your customer is in the lead

The retail industry is under constant pressure, bringing new challenges to retailers and distribution companies. We modernize the retail workplace, bringing previously unseen insights to the business and get you closer to your customer.

Public sector

HSO helps government and non-profits to become trusted, intelligent organizations

Driven by a call for digital services and increasing demands for transparency and compliance, Government and Non-Profit organizations are changing the way they serve their communities and becoming more effective.