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AI driven innovation is not possible without data you can trust. HSO help customers to harness the power of their data and getting ready for Artificial Intelligence by providing a platform that is adaptable, scalable and reliable.

Make your Data ready for AI

The quality of your data is critical when using Copilot or applying other Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning technologies. It impacts the reliability, accuracy and performance of your Gen AI applications and AI models.

Our experienced data experts help customers realize an operational data platform that is ready for AI. Our suite of data & analytics offerings empower organizations in their data-driven journey. Good to know, HSO has:

  • 200+ Data & AI Team Members Globally
  • 100+ Certified for Microsoft AI Advanced Specializations

What does a modern data platform look like?

A modern data platform is the backbone of data-driven organizations. It enables you to harness the power of data, in order to enable better informed and faster decision-making, which is critical to gain a competitive advantage.

A Modern Data Platform consists of cloud-first software tools that enable efficient collection, cleansing, transformation, and analysis of data. Key elements are:

  • Data Collection and Integration: ingesting data from various sources, including APIs, sensors, and external sources,
  • Data Storage and Processing: ensuring quality, consistency, and reliability of the data.
  • Data warehouses, data lakes, and hybrid solutions: storing and managing structured and unstructured data.
  • Data Transformation and Preparation: facilitating data transformation
  • ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) pipelines: ensuring that data is ready for analysis.
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics: for reporting, visualization, and analytics capabilities, through which users can explore data, dashboards, and gain actual insights.
  • Machine learning and AI models can be integrated
  • Data Observability and Governance: monitoring data pipelines, tracking lineage, and ensuring compliance.

Bringing Data & AI together

Our teams examine and verify data to find any possible problems or biases that may affect AI performance. We also help you discover suitable use cases where Artificial Intelligence can provide considerable value, such as predictive analytics, natural language processing, or computer vision.

With our team of trusted advisors, you can enjoy higher productivity, improved decision-making, and a path to competitive success. Leveraging the latest Azure Data & AI tools, including Microsoft Fabric and Copilot for Power BI, data transforms into intelligence with ease.

Why HSO for Data & AI?

Why work with HSO for your projects around data, analytics, and AI? We are more than just an AI provider. We are a business transformation partner. And that's what makes us different.

The starting point of value-based AI is in your business processes and applications, and that's where we have the expertise and experience. Combined with our data expertise, including integration with other sources and applications, we can deliver AI solutions that help our customers drive better business results.

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We help you understand how AI will affect your business and how to drive more value.

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