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We help our clients realize the immersive business benefits of Copilot and AI, leveraging the latest Microsoft technology.

What is the impact of Copilot and Artificial Intelligence?

We are convinced that Artificial Intelligence will define our future. Copilot and AI are poised to revolutionize every industry, process, and function. Every employee will be impacted, independent of their role. There can be no doubt that AI will soon affect every part of the digital transformation.

As HSO, we identify AI as the next transformative technology that businesses must leverage to achieve productivity gains, realize improved business results, and stay competitive in the years and decades to come.

With our team of trusted AI advisors, you can benefit from increased productivity, better decision-making, and gain a path to competitive success.

Our vision for AI

"We empower every employee and business leader with AI capabilities that enhance productivity and results"

The capabilities of Copilot and Artificial Intelligence are increasing at high speed and with that, expectations of and demand for value-based AI applications. Read more in our AI Vision Paper.

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The HSO Data & AI Maturity Model

Data & AI are intrinsically connected. Truly advanced AI applications demand high-quality data and a robust data estate. HSO has leveraged our experience with customers to develop our Data & AI Maturity Model.

This model is the foundation of our approach as we guide our customers through the development of their Copilot and AI roadmap and strategy. By connecting strategic AI objectives to the required data foundation, we create a practical roadmap to achieving value-adding AI. These roadmaps balance short-term wins against long-term investments, and consider all elements of the AI adoption process, organized along two axes:

  • AI maturity (including AI awareness, AI adoption and more)
  • Data maturity (including safe and secure data access, a scalable data platform, and more)

We leverage this Data & AI Maturity model to empower our clients to understand where they’re beginning their AI journey from and visualize their next steps to grow their Copilot and AI capabilities.

HSO Data & AI Maturity Model

Our methodology consists of 5 elements, embedded in this model:

Inspire: We inspire our customers by helping them by identifying valuable AI use cases, tailored to their organization, industry, market, and strategic objectives.

Strategy and Roadmap: Together with our clients, we craft long-term vision for AI technology. The AI strategy is always interconnected with the larger business strategy and includes clear objectives and requirements to achieve these goals.

As always, these steps are industry driven. Our industry teams understand the challenges in our clients’ markets and the opportunities that AI can offer to overcome these. The AI strategy & roadmap provides a strong understanding of what your AI journey should look like and where to get started.

As visualized in the model, we implement AI applications on various maturity levels:

Enable: Quick wins in productivity and efficiency by implementing out-of-the box AI applications such as Copilot and Assistants.

Extend: Longer term, customer AI applications that optimize business processes and resources, enabling capabilities such as predictive analytics.

Transform: Highly transformative and innovative AI applications that create market differentiation, transform business models and establish a competitive advantage.

We guide you all the way

Onboard your Copilot and AI journey

Onboard and navigate your AI journey through the 5 steps of our AI Enablement Strategy.

HSO makes AI work in your industry

Why choose HSO as your partner for Copilot and AI?

Our unique combination of technological expertise and deep industry knowledge allows us to help businesses leverage AI to achieve meaningful business outcomes.
  • 1

    Deep industry knowledge

    We start with your business objectives and business challenges to identify exactly where in your business AI can improve your processes and applications. With 30+ years of experience delivering ERP and CRM enterprise solutions worldwide, our industry teams bring deep deep industry knowledge and experience to your AI strategy.

  • 2

    Leading in Microsoft Technology

    Our AI capabilities are rooted in our leading position in Microsoft Cloud technology. The success of any AI or Copilot largely depends on the quality of the underlying data . Our data, integration and analytics experts are experienced in building operational, secure, and future-proof data platforms on the latest Microsoft Azure technology.

  • 3

    A trusted partner for customers and Microsoft

    HSO is one of the few Microsoft partners worldwide with the capability to deliver complex, multi-workload, multi-entity projects across the globe. We are a trusted partner for our customers and for Microsoft. Our proven methodology includes change & adoption programs, security, governance and more, to provide a holistic approach, delivering value-generating solutions that drive better business results.

AI for your industry

We help clients apply and adopt Copilot and AI technologies to drive productivity throughout their business, resulting in for example:

  • More and new revenues with the same resources (time, assets)
  • Same and new revenues with less resources (time, assets) 
  • Providing better results (EBITDA)
  • Providing measurable, strategic advantages 
  • Outperform the competition 

Many of our clients are not looking for an AI application, but for a solution that helps them address their challenges to stay competitive in their market. 

Our Data teams are ready to help

A secure, operational data platform is the foundation of your Copilot and AI journey

At the start of any AI-journey, clients need to be confident that their data is reliable and able to be accessed safely by the right users. Throughout the journey we enhance and develop the data platform to meet the functional and security requirements of advanced AI technology.

What are the benefits of Microsoft's AI platform?

Microsoft is widely recognized by analysts and investors as the leading player in the Copilot and AI revolution. With Microsoft's Copilots and the Azure AI platform, businesses can automate processes, analyze data, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their operations for optimal efficiency and profit.

Microsoft AI-powered tools also offer improved security and compliance, scalability, and flexibility, making them a vital part of modern business operations.

Customer Success

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