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Take advantage of increased productivity and efficiency by implementing out-of-the box AI applications such as Copilot and Assistants.

Meet your Copilot: AI in every business application

With the AI Strategy & Roadmap in place, organizations can begin to onboard users and adopt out-of-the box AI solutions such as Copilots.

We look at an organization’s existing business processes and applications as the natural starting point for enabling value-driving AI. Businesses leveraging Microsoft technology have easy access to Copilots in every application.

HSO experts collaborate with our customers to identify the most valuable Copilot opportunities, identify quick wins and identify opportunities for AI-driven productivity and efficiency gains.
We know from experience that simply turning on out-of-the-box solutions such as Copilot cannot achieve maximum results without proper change and adoption programs. HSO guides teams through the art of prompting, output validation, change management, output processing, and more.

In this phase, AI applications are defined by the following characteristics:

  • Product led
  • Requiring low upfront investment
  • Addresses common process or industry challenges
  • Deliver rapid ROI
  • Low impact, requiring only secure data access

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Not sure where to start incorporating AI into your business? Start with Copilot for D365 Sales.

Discover how Copliot for D365 Sales offers the quickest way to translate your AI investment into business benefits.

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