Transform with Copilot and AI
Envision and realize opportunities to transform and innovate

HSO develops innovative AI applications that create market differentiation, transform business models and establish a competitive advantage.

Build a long-term vision on AI

When organizations have the desire or vision to innovate and transform business models using Copilot and AI, our Data & AI experts utilize their knowledge and experience to realize this vision. These projects are unique and truly transformative, going beyond platforms and processes.

We collaborate with our clients to build a long-term vision for AI, because truly elevating and transforming your business using advanced AI technology requires a foundation in a solid digital transformation and data strategy.

HSO’s custom-built, Advanced AI Solutions are defined by the following traits:

  • Partner-enabled and customer-led
  • Involving larger investments, leading to higher business value
  • Typically utilizing pro code
  • Requiring a mature data platform

Transform & Innovate

These offerings bring AI-driven innovation to life

Let's work together to transform your business, delight your clients, and stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge AI solutions.

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Customer cases

These customers transform their business leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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How to Transform & Innovate with AI

We guide you all the way

Onboard your Copilot and AI journey

Onboard and navigate your AI journey through the 5 steps of our AI Enablement Strategy.