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HSO develops custom Copilot and AI applications that optimize business processes and resources, enabling capabilities such as predictive analytics.

Unlock more potential with augmented AI

Standard Copilots cannot meet every need within an organization. When an organization is ready with a structured data platform, we can unlock augmented AI solutions through platforms such as Copilot Studio, AI Builder, Power Automate and the Power BI Report Copilot.

These augmented AI solutions close gaps in functionality left by standard AI solutions, allowing for even more impactful acceleration of business processes. Common examples of AI applications in the extend phase include programming AI bots to automate tasks, building chatbots to perform specific actions and even replacing expensive best-of-breed solutions.

AI applications in the extend phase are characterized by:

  • Partner led, based on HSO best practices and solutions
  • Extending standard solutions to meeting specific requirements
  • Utilizing low and/or pro code solutions
  • Requiring a structured data platform

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