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  • Shaping the future of Public Sector services with Microsoft business applications

Shaping the future of Public Sector services with Microsoft Business Applications

The challenges facing Public Sector organisations are many and varied. So, what can be done? Microsoft's Head of Public Sector, Paul McPherson, gives some valuable advice.

Microsoft’s investments in technology are focused around reducing cumbersome, stand-alone, and land-locked applications, in exchange for agile systems like Teams, or other systems you use and are already familiar with.

This makes it easy to collaborate across different systems - for instance, you can manage finance approvals in Teams - and share information as you go. And that’s the future: improving speed to value.

Furthermore, according to Microsoft’s Head of Business Applications for the Public Sector, the right Microsoft partner will ensure you get value from your investments.

His advice is to find a partner you feel you can build a relationship with, because it’s not only about methodology, technical capability, and availability, it’s also about ensuring there’s a cultural fit. Because projects are as much about change management and handholding through new processes, as technical know-how.


Shaping the future of Public Sector services with Microsoft Business Applications


What can Microsoft Business Applications do for the Public Sector?

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