Smart Factory of the Future Ep 1: Stock is Expensive, Just in Case vs Just in Time

In challenging times it's vital for organizations to keep pace with changing demands. To reassess priorities and ensure continuing supply, whilst maintaining good customer relationships.

Leveraging the Microsoft stack into your integrated business planning processes can provide visibility and control of the orders sales and cash positions allowing you to make better-informed decisions.

We cover:

  • Remodel your business landscape to become agile
  • Switch up new product lines quickly
  • Gain greater visibility and control of production

Watch this episode below to understand the use of Dynamics 365 for the supply chain.

Smart Factory of the Future: Episode 1

Stock is Expensive, Just in Case vs Just in Time

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Smart Factory of the Future Video Series

In this series, we showcase a number of short videos to demonstrate, how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management helps manufacturers to improve their operational efficiency, increase productivity, and gain real-time visibility into their supply chains.

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