Fundraising and Engagement Demo Series: Part 3 - Event Management

Take control of event-related data for better planning and results

Keeping the donor dollars coming in and volunteers, sponsors, and other constituents engaged are two major concerns of non-profit organizations. An important component of that effort is effective event management. If you can’t plan and manage events effectively, you waste valuable time and fundraising dollars.

In this short demonstration of Event Management, just one of the key components of Fundraising and Engagement (part of the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit), you’ll see how to more efficiently handle the setup and organization of events at a detailed level. The Event Management module covers the spectrum of key event elements to help support your organization from managing registrations to full setup of events. Key record types within this module are:

  • Event Setup
  • Registration Package
  • Ticket Registration & Management
  • Event Tables

At the conclusion of this short demonstration, you’ll see the potential of just one area of Fundraising and Engagement and how it can modernize your event engagement processes and increase your mission impact.

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Advancing Your Mission with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundraising and Engagement

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