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Fundraising and Engagement Demo Series: Part 4 - Donation Management

Track donation data and gain visibility into individual giving to improve efficiencies and increase impact

For many non-profits, keeping donor dollars coming in and managing these donations effectively is essential. This includes tracking the details about your donors, their donations, and key activities associated with fundraising efforts. But often, non-profits aren’t able to measure the impact of donations by program, resulting in less giving and hampering an organization’s ability to advance their mission.

Additionally, the lack of system features to support donation processing, limited insights about donors (such as lifetime giving amount or even their current and future commitments), and incomplete data about a donor lead to a lack of knowing your donor on a personal level and being able to engage them accordingly.

In this short demonstration of Donation Management in Fundraising and Engagement (part of the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit), you’ll see how your non-profit can:

  • Quickly sort and pivot donors for targeted fundraising efforts
  • Set up and configure payment processors to support credit cards & other payment types
  • Create a 360 degree view of a donor to support household relationships, giving history, and donor commitments
  • Utilize native dashboards and reports to support your organization’s impact reporting needs
  • Track key information about a donor, allowing you to “get to know” them better

At the conclusion of this short demonstration, you’ll see the potential of just one area of Fundraising and Engagement and how your non-profit can more effectively manage donations to advance your mission. Watch the demo now by filling out the form on the right.

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Advancing Your Mission with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundraising and Engagement

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