Help Desk Support Services

HSO Innovation provides Help Desk Support Services for those who have purchased a Support Contract to address Customer and Partner questions and issues. These questions and issues are referred to as ‘Incidents’.

Services of HSO Innovation with respect to support on Current Programs, Versions, Releases, maintenance and support services (help desk) contracts are:

  • Provisioning during Service Hours of new Versions, Major Releases, Minor Releases, Maintenance Releases (bug fixes and/or hotfixes) and the related online documentation (including release notes, instructions).
  • Making use of the standard tools provided by Microsoft if an upgrade needs data conversions or scripts for conversion and providing instructions to convert. HSO Innovation will not repair or guarantee the correct working of historical data.
  • Assistance by telephone or internet or otherwise with respect to the software, including:
    – Clarification of functions and features of the software
    (Limited, not meant as a substitute for consulting services)
    – Clarification of the documentation
    (Limited, not meant as substitute for consulting services)
    Guidance in the operation of the software
    (Limited, not meant as a substitute for consulting services)
    – Error verification, analyses and correction by telephone and/or internet
    – Provision of critical Incident support
  • Registration of Service Incidents.
  • Coordination and effort to complete the Incident and utilize available knowledge.
  • Correspondence regarding Incident status and qualification.
  • Providing a written functional explanation on error correction.
  • Explaining in writing if an incident is classified as not being covered by this SOW, HSO Innovation will.
  • Solving the incident.

Support for Expired Programs will not be provided under this SOW.

Support does not include pre-production releases of Software, such as alpha or beta site releases. If any preproduction releases of Software are provided, they are supplied strictly on an “AS-IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis. Projected release dates for any Software in any form are good faith estimates only, subject to revision by HSO Innovation.

Support does not include services requested as a result of, or with respect to, causes which HSO Innovation cannot reproduce on unmodified HSO Innovation Software. If and when available, these services will be billed to Partner or Customer at HSO Innovation’s then-current rates. Causes which are not attributable to HSO Innovation include, but are not limited to, customizations and improper installation by Partner and/or Customer (including third party customizers and installers hired by Partner or Customer) or Partner’s lack of compliance with Section 4 of Support Contract.


During regular Service Hours, Incidents can be reported, replied to, and solved. Regular Service Hours are from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays as observed by HSO Innovation between 8.30am and 5.00pm (Western European Standard Time). Inside and outside the Regular Service Hours, Incidents can be reported through HSO Innovation’s support-site. Replying to Incidents and solving Incidents is done during regular Service Hours.


Reported Incidents will be categorized by Partner. An Incident’s category determines its priority, and how fast HSO Innovation needs to respond. The category can be changed by HSO Innovation, in coordination with Partner. Ultimately, the complexity of an issue determines the time it takes to solve the Incident.

Category A

The live system of Customer has come to a halt and users are no longer able to process data, using the operational software.

Category B

A problem in the operational software which causes serious disruption of a major business function or an important business process can no longer be executed and cannot be (temporarily) solved by a workaround.

Category C

A non-critical problem during which Customer is able to continue running the system, with or without a workaround. Or, a problem in the operational software that does not fall into category A or B.

Response times and ambition on resolution times

  • HSO Innovation will strive to respond to the Incidents, based on the categories.
  • Category A: two (2) hours (within regular Service Hours)
  • Category B: four (4) hours (within regular Service Hours)
  • Category C: sixteen (16) hours (within regular Service Hours)
  • HSO Innovation will strive after the following resolution times, based on the categories.
  • Category A: two (2) days (within regular Service Hours)
  • Category B: five (5) days (within regular Service Hours)
  • Category C: fifteen (15) days (within regular Service Hours)


Incident Management (REMOTE)

The objective of Incident management is to correct a malfunction, in order to allow Partner or Partner’s Customer to continue its activities with minimal interruption.

  • Search for a solution in the incident-database
  • Fix the Incident, or implement a workaround
  • Implement suggested settings
  • Apply suggested patches
Problem Management (REMOTE)

Prevent the re-occurrence of known incidents, by eliminating the root cause.


Every month, HSO Innovation will report to Partner the Incidents and solutions provided. Based on this data, Partner has the possibility to adjust or improve certain processes.

Solution Services

As soon as an Incident is being reported and based on the category the service will begin. If there is a solution, this will be reported to the contact person of Partner. The solution is accepted when the contact person closed the Incident or approved the solution. An Incident will automatically be accepted and closed by HSO Innovation if contact person did not approve or reject the solution within 4 weeks after reporting the solution.