Gender Pay Gap Statement (HSO-UK)

Our recruitment strategy is focused on hiring the best person for the variety of roles we offer, while ensuring that everyone has equal opportunity to be considered when working for us. Our emerging talent is equally split by gender, as reflected in the pay quartile one gender balance. Using this crude method of pay quartiles, we know we have work to do, to ensure a higher representation of female presenting women throughout our business. When looking at the detail behind the calculations, anyone in an equal role receives the same pay or bonus, regardless of gender. However, when looking at our teams by job type (Delivery versus Business Enablement functions), we have a gender balanced Business Enablement team while our Delivery team remains male presenting dominated reflecting the history of our industry.

HSO-UK pay a fair reward package for a job well done. Overall there is a 19% gender pay gap in mean hourly pay and a 30% gender pay gap in median hourly pay. Due to the skew in gender balance, it is also meaningful to delve deeper into our teams. This reveals an 8% gender pay gap in mean hourly pay for our Delivery teams which reflects fewer female presenting people in our Senior Consultant population. Across our Business Enablement teams, a -22% gender pay gap exists, demonstrating that our female presenting people earn more than male presenting people in mean hourly pay, influenced by the senior female presenting appointments.

All our people are entitled to earn a bonus and across HSO-UK, in 2023 there is 0% gender pay gap in median bonus. 1% gender pay gap in our Delivery team and across Business Enablement, our female presenting people received a 20% higher mean bonus than male presenting, reflecting the senior female presenting appointments.

Overall, HSO-UK are pleased with their progress in supporting more female presenting people to either start or switch their careers into Microsoft ERP Consultancy. We are also continuing to support careers for male presenting people in our Business Enablement teams.