On-Demand Webcast:  Maximizing Impact, Minimizing Effort - Navigating the Fundraising Journey of a Donor Dollar with the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

Learn how the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, featuring AI capabilities and seamless integrations, can streamline your non-profit's fundraising efforts and improve donor engagement

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In today’s often chaotic economy, non-profits arguably bear the brunt of the burden.

According to a survey by the Nonprofit Alliance, organizations have reduced their fundraising expectations for 2023. The cause? Inflation, donor acquisition, and donor retention. Not only that, but after more than two years of a global pandemic and complex political and environmental crises, there has been a surge of stress and burnout among non-profit employees, leading to huge vacancy rates.

So, what’s the solution? An area to examine is the technology behind your fundraising efforts.

Microsoft, with their suite of applications purpose-built for non-profits called the aptly named Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, has heavily invested in this space. And with the new AI capabilities recently announced, non-profits can save valuable time and energy. Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit empowers organizations to more effectively track the fundraising journey of a donor dollar – from identifying potential donors and eliciting donations through payment processing and sharing the impact – and keep them coming back.

Join HSO and Microsoft for an on-demand webcast to see how your non-profit can:

  • Customize pre-built dashboards to meet their specific organizational needs
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of donors' lifetime giving through AI-powered 360-degree insights at the donor or household level
  • Utilize AI algorithms to pivot and search real-time data for quick and efficient analysis
  • Share personalized views, reports, and dashboards easily with system users or other organizations
  • Seamlessly integrate with payment processors to support various payment types, streamlining donation management processes
  • Extend their reporting capabilities through seamless integration with Office 365, enhanced by AI-driven analytics

We share a demo of the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit and an integrated, AI-powered tool, showcasing their features and functionalities that empower non-profits like yours to better track the fundraising journey of a donor dollar.

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  • 00:00 – Introduction and Housekeeping
  • 02:02 – Laying the Groundwork: Non-Profit Challenges & Technology Opportunities
  • 04:11 – Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit: Key Functionality and New AI-Powered Features
  • 15:46 – Meet HSO: Non-Profit and Microsoft Solution Experts
  • 22:11 – Demo: Mapping the Fundraising Journey of a Donor Dollar with Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit
  • 42:57 – Continuing the Donor Dollar Journey
  • 48:20 - Closing

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