Empowering Capital Markets: Thrive in a digital world with HSO and Microsoft's Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

Helping Asset and Wealth Managers navigate the complexity of the industry

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About this webinar

Asset and Wealth Managers across the Capital Markets sector hold significant responsibility daily in building relationships with their intermediaries and growing the wealth of their clients and stakeholders. However, navigating the complexities of today's landscape is no easy feat, as they are marked by unprecedented challenges such as intense competition, staying compliant with ever-changing regulations, and leveraging commercial opportunities in a fast-evolving digital age.

Despite these challenges, organisations and professionals like yourself remain resilient and with the right balance of skill and technology will prove to your investors, stakeholders and clients that you can be trusted with their money and brands.

HSO and Microsoft held a live webinar on Thursday the 28th September to learn more about navigating the complexity of the industry and how Dynamics 365 and Power Platform can:

  • Keep customers happy and loyal
  • Strengthen relationships and capitalise on opportunities
  • Proactively manage deals from start to finish
  • Get a holistic view of Assets, Deals and the customer and gain valuable insights with accurate BI and MI
  • Reduce the efforts and investments in governance including reporting on your ESG KPI's
  • Empower your teams and accelerate your success through automation and AI
  • Help plan Asset and Wealth Manager diaries - planning their client visits in an efficient and effective way

Our Capital Markets experts

Capital Markets On-Demand webinar

Thrive in a digital world with HSO and Microsoft's Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

Key Learning Objectives

From this webinar Asset and Wealth Managers will learn:

  • How HSO can help provide solutions to ease some of the day-to-day challenges experienced in the sector
  • How HSO’s DynamicsAdvantage solutions can help them free up their time and facilitate navigating some of the complexities of the industry
  • More about Dynamics 365 and Power Platform
  • How Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform can help them with their challenges with the aid of cutting edge technology and AI solutions

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