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Accelerated Municipal Customer Service Blueprint

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HSO’s Municipal Customer Service Blueprint

Our Accelerated Municipal Customer Service Blueprint is the perfect solution to fast-track your digital transformation. With our comprehensive platform, you can provide your citizens with the best possible customer service experience. Leveraging the Dynamics 365 Customer Service platform, our Accelerated Blueprint offers a wide range of features that will streamline your customer service operations. The estimated timeline for this implementation is 3 months.

Tier 1 Accelerated Municipal Customer Service Blueprint

Citizen Portal

Our Citizen Portal is a self-serve feature that allows your citizens to confidentially handle their own service needs. This self-serve portal will provide your citizens with access to knowledge and resources, that will help them resolve their own requests. With this, you will be able to maintain their contact information. Citizens will also have the ability to access the portal and check if there are any local situations that may be impacting them or their area.

Service Request Management

Our service request management feature allows you to effortlessly manage the different types of service requests available to citizens, ensuring that you're always offering the support they need. You can also easily map process flows for different service requests, ensuring that the correct process is followed for each service. This feature can automatically generate notifications for individuals and teams involved in each service request process, ensuring that everyone is informed of their tasks and responsibilities during the lifecycle of the process. Additionally, this feature can establish service level agreements for each of the service requests, ensuring they are completed promptly.

Additional Tiers and Features Available

This blueprint has the ability to expand to include extra features including, Resource Scheduling Calendar, Integrated Mapping, Omnichannel, and a Mobile App
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    Resource Scheduling Calendar

    With this functionality, you’ll be able to visually schedule technicians, teams, and equipment needed to resolve service requests in a timely manner.

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    Integrated Mapping

    Dynamics 365 Customer Service can integrate with municipality mapping features. This feature will allow citizens to access critical information about their municipality and the location of relevant municipal items.

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    Our Omnichannel for Customer Service application is a robust platform that allows you to instantly connect and engage with your citizens, empowering your community to reach you through their preferred channel, whether it’s a chatbot, phone call, social media, or even SMS.

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    Mobile App

    With our Mobile App feature, citizens will be able to swiftly and effortlessly submit emergency requests, while they are on the go. The Mobile App also allows citizens to easily attach photos to their service requests providing visual context that helps ensure accurate and effective resolutions.

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Next steps: A Thriving Partnership

Our Accelerated Municipal Customer Service Blueprint is the ultimate solution for any municipality looking to provide its citizens with top-notch customer service. With our platform, you can maximize your agents' productivity, customize each citizen's experience, and build a loyal community. Contact us to get started with your accelerated digital transformation.

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