Making the Complex Simple: Cloud Integration Success with stichd 

HSO cloud services pave the way for more speed and flexibility, better results and an optimal customer experience.

As a daughter company of the PUMA group, stichd is the trusted partner for a growing portfolio of A-list brands. They design and distribute licensed products across three areas: fashion essentials, fanwear and lifestyle apparel and accessories.

stichd loves to innovate. As part of the PUMA-Group, stichd has grown as an international product specialist for brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, HEAD, PUMA, LEVI'S and more. For specialist items such as legwear, swimwear, bodywear, fanwear and lifestyle products, stichd takes care of the complete product design, marketing, sales, order processing and distribution for its license partners.

With a well-defined strategy and integration approach, HSO provided stichd with a manageable cloud environment that adds value to the business.

"Make the complex simple."

"That’s what we stand for at stichd," says Marwin Slaats, Head of ICT at stichd, part of the PUMA-Group. "The easier it is to integrate with stichd from outside, the more quickly we can bring brands, businesses, consumers and suppliers into our value chain."

"This solution definitely helps us achieve that goal," says Marwin. 

Adding Value to the Business

“In the beginning, we were completely focused on integrations and disconnected architecture," says Marwin. "Now we see that disconnecting the data component from the current architecture and applications must be a truly embedded part of the strategy, and that we also need to communicate and implement this properly. That is why we will show what we are doing and what the PitWall can bring us even more clearly across the organisation. I want to get to a point as quickly as possible where we not only see initiatives from IT, but also people from the business coming to us with ideas on how we can use the platform. Then we can keep growing the impact together.”

Support from Day One

According to Marwin, there is no lack of support among stakeholders, sponsors and license holders. An important role is reserved for Maarten van Looij, IT Developer and Product Owner of PitWall at stichd, and his team of data and integration specialists. The experts at HSO work closely with stichd’s IT staff through the DevOps concept. Maarten: “We are using their technical knowledge and experience in the solution construction. HSO is also our Managed Services partner so we can be confident that everything we make meets the standards and has sufficient quality for operation. Every component we build is supported by HSO from day one. That brings peace of mind and avoids surprises.”

A Strategic Partnership for Cloud Integration

Marwin also sees HSO as a valuable strategic partner. “They support us in defining a vision: how are we going to use this approach now and in the future to support our business optimally? HSO is the partner that is helping us to actually get there. They are always contributing ideas and are with us for the bumps in the road.

From the standpoint of architecture and strategy, HSO is perfectly capable of showing us what we have already achieved and how we can use the PitWall to add even more value to the business in the coming period.”

Data-Driven Work: More Than a Buzz Word

The partnership with HSO forces Maarten and his team to look in the mirror and deepen their vision regularly. “Just think of a subject like data-driven work: it’s a buzzword that we mention regularly here, too, but it’s not always clear what we want to do with it. HSO then asks further: what exactly do you mean by that? How do you see it? How does it fit within stichd? Of course we talk about it internally, but it is very enlightening to have an outside view. HSO also brings up-to-date technical knowledge and the experiences of dozens of other customers, which we can sometimes apply to our own business models.”

Data, integration and decoupling of the IT landscape

"For stichd, the approach paves the way for more speed and flexibility, better results and an optimal customer experience," Emiel Kool, Unit Manager Azure & Integration at HSO says: “With the ambition to grow in new markets, new products, services and business models, plus a strong focus on customer experience, it is crucial for stichd to take steps towards data-driven process management.

The foundation for this - data, integration and decoupling of the IT landscape - has been laid by setting up the PitWall. stichd can ultimately extract maximum value from all data, distributed across all applications. This paves the way for more speed and flexibility better results and an optimal customer experience. It is great for us as a strategic-technical partner to go down this road to success with stichd and to inspire each other, complement each other and keep each other on track.”

“The reach and impact of the HSO way of working is even greater than we anticipated,” says Marwin. "This is what we want from our digital strategy with HSO. To make sure the business can continue to innovate without being held back by IT.”

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