Modernizing Power Apps with SharePoint-to-Dataverse Migration

Bring speed, scalability, security and more to your Power Apps built on SharePoint with a conversion to Microsoft Dataverse

If you have Microsoft (Office) 365, you've probably invested in building apps on SharePoint using Power Apps. These apps worked well for a time, but you might have noticed lately that this is no longer the case.

You will find that your apps that have slowed down, become difficult to work with, or aren't secure enough are not broken or malfunctioning; they simply can't keep up. As with technology across the board, while SharePoint might have been the right solution at one time, it has reached its limitations as your business has grown and changed.

The time has come to modernize your applications with a migration from SharePoint-to-Dataverse.

Why Dataverse?

Dataverse is a modern, secure, cloud-based storage space built on Microsoft Azure. Similar to a database but offering building blocks that make it easy to create apps and built-in reporting and filtering capabilities, Dataverse allows you to store and manage data used by your applications and tools like Power Apps.

Extend the life of your apps with a move to Dataverse

SharePoint is an excellent business productivity tool, but it's not a true database, so it's no surprise your critical apps have taxed it - and you've outgrown it. To address issues around performance/speed, security, errors, and general usability, you don't need to throw out your apps (or SharePoint - it's still a great productivity tool); you need to extend their longevity. You can do that with HSO's SharePoint-to-Dataverse consulting offering.

Put simply, we remove the connections from your apps to SharePoint, build new connections to Dataverse and all the supporting structure like tables and lists, and migrate your data from SharePoint to Dataverse. We don't touch the apps themselves; they stay exactly as they are, so your users never know anything changed - except that performance, security, and other areas have improved. No re-writing apps, no user training or change management.

Discover the power of model-driven apps

Dataverse is one way you can modernize your apps, but it doesn't stop there. With the back end of your apps running smoothly, perhaps it's time to revisit other areas, like user interfaces. Apps originally built on SharePoint often supported front line workers, like mobile apps for field service, where inputting information is the focus.

Microsoft has made great strides with Power Platform, and today's Power Apps has capabilities that can transform the way you envision and develop apps. With model-driven apps, which can only be built on Dataverse, you can quickly and cost-effectively improve your front-line apps and also build more process-focused apps for workers in the back office.

In essence, model-driven apps are self-contained solutions, bringing visibility into business process flow, showing you what's happening when and what needs to be done, thus enabling you to add that functionality. Your apps will be true solutions that are more sophisticated, solutions that streamline and automate processes at a deeper level than ever before.

From requiring approvals at critical junctures to helping to uncover new business opportunities, the sky is virtually the limit on what you can do with model-driven apps - quickly and cost-effectively.

SharePoint-to-Dataverse success story

HSO migrated a $2.4B national construction from a SharePoint list-based solution to a Dataverse solution providing an application with better scalability, security, and the ability to integrate with other downstream systems without manual verification and data copy. 

How HSO can help

Are you struggling with apps performing on SharePoint or looking to improve on or develop new apps? HSO can help! We have the industry knowledge and Power Platform expertise to help you build an app strategy to modernize your organization and meet your goals.

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