Building Superapps with the Microsoft Power Platform

Improve productivity and the user experience with more convenient app accessibility

It’s difficult to imagine a time when mobile devices didn’t have screens full of app icons. For years, consumers have been using apps for banking, shopping, and more. But since the COVID-19 pandemic, more employees than ever are working remotely, making mobile devices--and business apps--indispensable at work.

While all these apps are designed to help, employees even as far back as 2021 had begun to experience app fatigue, and with web apps now available for desk workers, that issue will only grow worse.

Company wide, departments are using an average of 200 apps, and juggling all these disparate apps can become a hindrance rather than a help, wasting time, impeding productivity, and delivering a poor user experience.

To address this issue and to more effectively manage app development internally, forward-thinking organizations are embracing superapps.

Apps at work

Apps for both mobile and desktop have become a part of the fabric of business.

A platform that transforms apps into a convenient dashboard

A superapp is an application platform that provides users with core features as well as access to miniapps that are created independently—creating what is essentially a convenient dashboard for employees' mobile devices.

Using Power Apps, part of the Microsoft Power Platform, enterprises can build superapps for a modular framework to rapidly develop and deploy features and updates for both mobile and desktop users while delivering customized experiences.

Changing the face of how we work with superapps

Superapps revolutionize the work landscape, delivering a more efficient interface and a better user experience

A platform that transforms app development for IT teams

For IT teams, superapps make it easier to develop, manage, and deploy apps
  • 1

    Economy of scale & change management

    IT can develop superapps for groups of employees based on skills, experience, or job responsibilities, which also supports change management

  • 2

    Security and governance

    Superapps help IT maintain control over the enterprise app landscape

  • 3

    Design and architecture

    Superapps help avoid overloading apps with too much functionality by maintaining multiple, organized "miniapps"

  • 4


    Superapps enable IT to get more done faster, avoiding project backlogs

How HSO can help

With the Power Platform, you can proactively meet your employees' expectations with superapps that promote productivity and a more positive user experience while easing the burden on your IT staff while making them more effective.

Let HSO help. We have the industry knowledge and Power Platform expertise to help you build superapps that will support your employees regardless of where they work as well as your business strategy.

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