Extended Support on SharePoint 2013 expires in April 2023

Are you still working with SharePoint 2013?

Then now really is the time to do something for the next step. This is because as of April 2023, mainstream and extended support for SharePoint 2013 will end. From that time, there will be no more updates (including security updates) and you will no longer be able to rely on support from Microsoft. A situation that you obviously want to avoid.

Now is the time to switch to SharePoint Online

Perhaps you have already switched to Office 365. This may have been a transition due to the reason that we suddenly started working from home or remotely much more because of COVID-19. SharePoint Online is part of most Office 365 licenses, so therefore you are most likely already paying for this product.

So, why not take advantage of the many benefits that SharePoint Online has to offer you.

SharePoint Online has great advantages compared to the SharePoint on-premises version. These are a few.

  • Files are always and from everywhere accessible
  • You can safely collaborate with others on the same documents
  • Thanks to version management, it is clear who has made which changes
  • SharePoint Online works seamlessly with Teams and OneDrive
  • SharePoint Online also makes it possible to collaborate securely with external parties

SharePoint Online makes it possible to work together, smarter and more efficiently, which improves job satisfaction for your employees.

We would like to know what the best solution is for you?

Of course we are happy to help you with the transition from SharePoint on-premise to SharePoint Online or to a hybrid solution (for example, in connection with customizations). Want to know how we approach this, or just want to discuss all the possibilities? Then please make an appointment for a free discussion with our experts to discuss your situation and the possible solutions that we at HSO think would best benefit your company.

Want to be ready for April 2023? Contact us below.

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