A guide to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Government Accelerator 

And why your public sector organisation needs it

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What is the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Government Accelerator?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Government Accelerator is a cloud-based platform built for Public Sector organisations to streamline processes and deliver better services more efficiently and more easily.

It does this by providing ready built applications and processes organisations can quickly deploy to solve common challenges.

This Microsoft platform gives you:

  • Pre-built blueprints for solutions to common functions
  • A common data model to unify information across departments
  • Standardised and quickly deployable service applications
  • A sample customisable resident portal
  • Pre-built front and back office programmes

You gain a modern cloud environment on which to solve your biggest challenges, including:

  • Streamlining government processes
  • Improving service delivery through data connectivity
  • Customising tools for unique service requirements
  • Regulatory compliance through robust security features
  • Enabling better communication and service delivery
Some of the more specific features of the government accelerator solution.

What does it do?

HSOs delivery methodology of the government accelerator distinguishes our approach from all other Microsoft Partners. And ensures a smooth path to successful outcome.
  • 1

    Industry focused data extensions

    Government-specific extensions to a Common Data Model - including a data model - simplifying data movement across applications.

  • 2

    Customer service portal

    A sample customisable Power Apps portal for residents and businesses to apply for government services, programmes, and benefits.

  • 3

    Front to back-office programme & fund management

    Tracking benefit applications and approvals against the associated fund and budget in Dynamics 365 Finance for public sector. This is also provided via a connector to other finance data such as SAP S4 HANA system.

  • 4

    Sample customisable apps for government services

    The app shows how Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 uses the data model to manage applications and approvals, and to transform government programmes and services.

Goverment Accelerator portal in action

The Public Sector portal provides a customisable sample entrance that allows residents and businesses to apply for services, programmes, and benefits. 

Who is it designed for?

The Microsoft D365 Government Accelerator is designed for Public Sector organisations including those representing:

  • Central government
  • Local authorities
  • Healthcare
  • Blue Light Services
  • Housing Associations
  • Educational organisations

It’s made for organisations that require a robust and secure platform – built on a common data platform - to manage operations and deliver services to people.

It’s also for Public Sector organisations under pressure to fill their skills gap. Pre-built tools reduce the need for custom development, and so expensive specialist skills. And low-code tools make solution development from a wider range of staff easier.

Achieve more

Government accelerator built on a common data model

The government accelerator comes with and Public Sector data model that you can use in Power Platform and Dynamics 365 and across the Microsoft technology stack. The data model is a combination of relationships to native tables and government-specific tables, including:

  • Service
  • Benefits
  • Eligibility
  • Licenses
  • Permits
  • Grants

You can extend these data elements to build low-code or no-code applications on Power Platform. As a result, you can:

  • Accelerate your digital transformation journey
  • Take advantage of innovative technology solutions
  • Streamline operations and increase efficiency across departments
  • Use existing infrastructure to create a secure, modern experience for citizens

Blog: the Dynamics 365 Common Data Model

Execution point

Quite simply, the government accelerator isn’t for every Public Sector organisation.

For instance, the needs of the people you support may be entirely unique to your organisation. Or your organisation may already operate in the most efficient and optimal way possible. Or your systems are already connected and easily accessible. If this is the case, don’t consider it.

But if you are:

  1. Looking to modernise operations and improve efficiency
  2. Needing to comply with regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA
  3. Wanting to improve communication and service delivery to people
  4. requiring a platform to manage your financial, HR, or other operations
  5. After a customisable solution to meet its unique requirements

The scenarios

The governement accelerator offers a range of pre-built modules and functions meaning you can deploy a modern cloud enterprise scale solution fast and cost effectively.

It also comes with custom tools for creating solutions to your unique requirements. This means Public Sector organisations can quickly modernise operations to deliver better digital services.

Here’s three example scenarios of how it works in practice:

  1. Financial management: Public Sector organisations need to manage their finances carefully, including budgeting, accounting, and reporting. It includes pre-built financial management components that can be customised to meet the specific needs of each agency.
  2. Emergency management: During natural disasters or other emergencies, Public Sector organisations need to quickly respond and provide aid. The Microsoft government accelerator includes pre-built emergency management components that can be used to coordinate response efforts, track resources, and communicate with stakeholders.
  3. Permit and inspection management: Many Public Sector organisations are responsible for issuing permits and conducting inspections. It includes a pre-built solution for managing the entire permit and inspection process, from application to approval to inspection and compliance.

Key features of the Government Accelerator

The accelerator offers several key features that make it a powerful platform for Public Sector organisations. Features that include pre-built solutions for common functions such as finance, HR, and people services, as well as customisable tools for unique requirements. It also includes robust security features, compliance with government regulations, and seamless integration with other Microsoft tools such as Microsoft 365, Power BI, and Azure.

  1. Pre-built data models: it contains customisable pre-built data models you can fit to the unique needs of your organisation. This saves time and money by eliminating the need to create data models from scratch.
  2. Advanced analytics capabilities: with the government accelerator, you gain access to advanced analytics capabilities that help your organisation gain insights into operations to improve decision-making and optimise resource allocation.
  3. Cross-organisation collaboration tools: it includes tools that can foster cross-agency collaboration, enabling Public Sector organisations to work together more effectively and efficiently.

How to improve service delivery with the HSO Government Accelerator and AI driven tools

As a local authority, you have a lot to manage. And expectations from the people you support is high. And if your systems are disjointed, or a little on the creaky side, this is tough. Quite often manual.

The HSO Government Accelerator solves this problem. The solution enables you to manage each of these requirements from one place.

Watch the video to discover how

The benefits

Government accelerator use cases

The HSO Dynamics 365 government accelerator makes it easier, faster, and more cost effective to deploy digital services. Built for flexibility, it allows you to quickly create solutions that connect seamlessly with existing business processes.

HSO recommends it to Public Sector organisations looking for a way to improve service delivery and people engagement. Helping you manage a range of use cases, including:

  1. Financial Management
  2. Human Resources Management
  3. Citizen Engagement
  4. Case Management
  5. Regulatory Compliance
  6. Programme Management
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Getting value, and delivering value, with Microsoft's Government Accelerator

HSO understands that Public Sector organisations want to do one or more of the following:

  • Maximise the value of under-utilised technology they’ve invested in
  • Optimise their annual software licence costs
  • Adopt good industry practices and process to speed up service redesign rather than starting from scratch

In order to deliver better experiences for the people you support.

This is the reason HSO proposes the use of the Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Government accelerator for any transformational programme. It provides you with a distinct solution and service delivery advantage.

Acting as an information blueprint, it includes a Public Sector specific data model and building blocks for use in government processes and applications.

The Government accelerator expands the Common Data Model (CDM) to include a government data model with a standardised data schema.

This schema includes tables, columns, metadata, and relationships to support government use cases, including programmes, services, and benefits.

This standardised data blueprint improves interoperability by unifying and shaping the data in a consistent form across applications, processes, and workflows in Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Government accelerator data blueprint, you can quickly develop a standardised government data schema, improving interoperability and time to value while unifying and shaping your data across applications.

To understand how and where this might fit your organisation – as each is different – HSO recommends undertaking a Online Discovery Assessment (ODA). This is a methodical evaluation of your processes to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement. From here, our experts will develop a roadmap for process optimisation.

The assessment can help identify areas where automation or technology can be used to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. It is a crucial first step in any process improvement initiative and can provide insights that lead to significant gains in productivity and profitability.

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