Lifecycle Support


  • “HSONN” is HSO Innovation.
  • ‘Software” or “HSONN Software” is the standard Intellectual Property as specified and supplied by HSONN excluding third-party software.
  • “GA” means Generally Available Release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 one version. The current or latest released version.
  • “GA – 1” means the immediate predecessor of the current GA release
  • “Dynamics D365 One version” all versions from April 2019 from version 10.0

Microsoft Dynamics 365 One Version

When Microsoft releases a new version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 One Version, HSONN is committed to providing a compatible release of her Software within 2 weeks of the official release date by Microsoft. As a member of Microsoft’s PEAP program, HSONN is able to recognize disruptive changes early on and act upon them. Compatibility is checked using RSAT, Easy Repro, Specflow and other automated tests. Testing is done with Microsoft flighted features switched off. Provided that the customer is current with their payments, the customer is entitled to new releases of the HSONN Software they have subscribed to. HSONN does not provide individual hotfixes, but will provide customers with new releases, containing all cumulative fixes and/or new features.

If HSONN decides to deprecate products or major features of products, it will announce this 1 year in advance, using the company newsletter.

Unified Operations:

Changes and bugfixes in our solutions will be released  on the GA - 1 version of Dynamics 365 One Version. Leveraging the Microsoft guaranteed compatibility these release can also be used on GA versions of Dynamics 365. Older versions will still be available through LCS, but will not be updated with changes or bugfixes. If development is needed on older versions than GA - 1, those changes will be developed as paid customizations.

Customer Engagement:

HSONN will check compatibility with the updates of Dynamics 365. If HSONN needs to create a new release to ensure compatibility, such a release will be available within 1 week of the official release date by Microsoft.

Earlier versions of Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Version 9 and earlier, and Dynamics AX 2012 and AX 2009 versions have all ran out of Extended Support. Should customers request changes or bugfixes, those requests will be considered paid consulting and development.