Introducing Dynamics Business Rules & Blocking Reasons

For wholesale, retail and distribution industries, it is essential to have accurate control and automation of business processes.

Lack of these leads to inefficiencies, wasted time, and lost revenue.

Dynamics Business Rules & Blocking Reasons provides a variety of enhancements for more accurate control and automation of your business processes. Our solution offers functionality that controls several essential sales and purchase processes in a company.

Companies are continually looking for solutions that can automate and enhance business processes by establishing business rules and creating a firm control over various aspects of sales and purchase processes.

With Dynamics Business Rules & Blocking Reasons, companies can control several sales and purchase processes. This can be done by using our solutions for purchase, sales orders, and sales quotations, creating user-defined business processes and maintaining the behavior of these processes.

Dynamics Business Rules & Blocking Reasons is available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.



Easy blocking

for purchase and sales orders, as well as sales quotations


Differentiated control

for each process based on reasons for preventing


Improved grip

on the behavior of business processes


Flexibel statuses

and transitions when changing rules

Blocking Reasons

Blocking Reasons enables a more accurate and distinctive use of signal codes, with the possibility to differentiate the blocking per process step. The added value of our solution over standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is the possibility to distinguish a block or info warning by process step, rather than using the standard all or nothing option on the released product.

Firming & Master Planning

Blocking Reasons will not stop the process of firming in case the firming is done in batch. Only those planned purchase orders with Items and vendors with a blockade will not be firmed so that they will remain in the planned order form. Blocking Reasons can be linked to customers, vendors and items, as well as added to orders directly, useful in cases when a company decides to stop trading with particular customers or vendors.

Business Rules

Business rules in general, represent a way that defines certain aspects in processes. Basically, business rules are designed to maintain the business structure or to control the behavior of some business processes. Steps such as order confirmation, generating picking list, release to the warehouse, shipping, shipment confirmation, invoice generation, and posting can be controlled by Business rules.

Transitions & Validations

Once different statuses for a business rule are created, they are available to create transitions from one status to another. With these transitions, you can control the next and previous status of the process. Also, it is possible to define authorizations to control which users are allowed to complete the transition. There is also an option where a user-defined validation method can be used for each transition.

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