Introducing Dynamics Advanced Field Service

In an ever-changing world with a growing focus on servitization field service organizations must adapt!

Accelerate your business with world-class end-to-end field service management!

We realize that to maintain a competitive advantage with your field service organization, you must accomplish more with less staff, while customers demand higher service levels. We understand your need to streamline operations when facing increased competition and cost-cutting initiatives.

Back end automation is one of the biggest drivers of revenue growth for field service companies. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service allows organizations of any size to deliver intelligent, world-class field service, managing all aspects of the end-to-end field service management cycle. Dynamics Advanced Field Service offers significant additional functionality on top of Dynamics 365 Field Service in the areas of Case Management, Customer Assets, Agreements, Work Orders and Invoicing.

Dynamics Advanced Field Service is available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service as a preferred solution free trial on AppSource.




Improved Integration and information

of Customer Asset and Agreements, directly available for employees


Work Orders

executed under warranty and Agreement Coverage


Better reporting

through several additional entities with potential for Power BI


Improved billing accuracy

by automatic warranty and agreement coverage detection

AFS Case Management Integration

Case Management integration

The integration between Cases from Dynamics 365 for Customer Service and the information available for customers in Dynamics 365 for Field Service has been thoroughly extended. Your helpdesk employees will be able to directly link a Customer Asset to a case and relevant details of the Customer Asset will become visible. If this Customer Asset is linked to an active agreement, the case will be linked to the agreement as well.

Extended Customer Assets

The entity Customer Asset has been extended with various additional information fields, with an owner & agreement account, with views to related Cases and Work Orders and we have introduced Customer Asset Warranty. By introducing Customer Asset Type, Customer Asset Group and the connection of a Number Sequence to these entities, Dynamics Advanced Field Service allows you to generate unique Customer Asset ID’s automatically when saving a record.

Additional Agreement features

With Dynamics Advanced Field Service you can connect as much Customer Assets to an agreement as you want, without the necessity to define an agreement booking setup. This way the coverage of a Customer Asset in an agreement is defined and also identified in Cases and Work Orders. We also introduced agreement coverage terms. These terms represent what you as a company cover in a specific type of agreement.

Improved Work Orders

Automatically invoice a Work Order for a fixed price using an invoice schedule with Work Order invoice schedule lines. Get organized with estimated Work Order Totals Overviews, actual and invoiced amounts that have been extended, including fixed price. Use functionality that overrules standard hourly sales rates of working hours based on the resources executing the Work Order with for example junior, medior or senior engineer rates.

Integrated Customer Locations

Dynamics Customer Location allows you to create physical locations for accounts such as an office building with floors or a large construction site. Customer location is fully integrated into cases, Work Orders and Customer Assets. A customer location is in a sense different than a Customer Asset. The Customer Asset is ‘what’ you service as a company and the customer location is ‘where’ the Customer Asset is serviced.


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