The SharePoint app in Microsoft 365 is a fully flexible and customisable data and document management platform that you can use to create content, as required, to fit almost any scenarioThere are however some areas you should be aware of if you wish to have a successful implementation.

Here is my list of top Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to using SharePoint. 


  • Security: identify roles for who will create and consume contentand who will manage and administer the content. Use Office security or 365 groups for permissions rather than using named users or SharePoint groups. 
  • CollaborationUse Microsoft Teams in conjunction with SharePoint for collaboration and communication. Using Teams can also be a great way to collaborate on documents that are stored within SharePoint.  
  • Productivity: Use Communication sites for effectively passing out corporate/departmental communications and Team sites for working together. 
  • Productivity: Use Lists within SharePoint to collect and organise data. Then enhance these data repositories using Power Automate to pick up some of the slack for you. 
  • Planning: Plan for your usage of SharePoint sites. Set list/library limits on views and index your list columns. 
  • Planning: Use site columns, site content types where appropriate. Plan for labels to classify and govern your content.  


  • Migration: Plan your migration and utilise SharePoint features to enhance your contents structure and searchability. Don’t just copy and paste your existing folder structure into SharePoint.  
  • Planning: Don’t wait until you have more than 5000 items in a list or library before you index the list columns.  
  • Security: Don’t break permission inheritance down to the file level. Create a structure that allows for permissions to flow from the site. Think minimum administration when planning your security.  
  • Governance: Restrict who can create Office 365 Groups. Don’t allow everyone in your organisation to create them as they can quickly spiral out of administrative control. This is particularly poignant for Enterprise. Use other apps within Microsoft 365 (Forms, Power Apps, Power Automate, etc.) to setup an approval system and have a group manage the process of creating groups for you.  
  • Governance: Don’t allow your users to setup Windows File Explorer sessions to SharePoint sites. Don’t allow mapped drives etc. to do this. Instead promote the use of the browser applications.

For a successful implementationthere are more considerations than those listed above, but this list will get you started. As always, if you would like to speak to HSO regarding your SharePoint environment or any other application within Microsoft 365 including any aspect of governance, security, productivity, collaboration, communication, automation, etc. then please contact your account manager or the Modern Workplace practice manager, Sergio Giusti at