Manufacturing Success: TCCI Initiates Global Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation by Consolidating Data from 5 ERP Systems to Support Evolution and Growth

A global compressor tech leader partners with HSO to consolidate 5 ERP systems into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for efficiency and sustainability.

About TCCI

TCCI is a global leader in compressor technology, operating across 11 countries and catering to the commercial vehicle and specialty automotive industries. The company's mission is to deliver best-in-class products that support sustainability and zero emissions. TCCI distinguishes itself by investing in scalable solutions and innovative products that align with the evolving needs of customers in a transitioning automotive landscape.

Working to Become One United Global Company:

TCCI was previously running outdated, siloed Microsoft ERP systems in each of their locations with no consolidated view of data or standardization of business metrics. They engaged HSO, a proven partner in implementing large-scale global solutions, to assess cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a global ERP system.

With a strong growth trajectory and an industry shift towards zero emissions and sustainability, TCCI’s global business operations must work as one united company with complete visibility and a standardized set of processes to bring a higher level of efficiency across the supply chain, bringing more value to customers every day.

Their roadmap ends with Dynamics 365 being implemented by HSO as their global ERP solution, but TCCI opted for smaller, more strategic steps to balance implementation costs and time constraints with current business demands.

In preparation for a global ERP overhaul, TCCI worked with HSO to support the evolution and growth of its business needs with an agile and scalable cloud data warehouse platform, alongside HSO’s DnA Accelerator solution, allowing TCCI to accelerate their data journey and maximize their ROI.

Standardization and Cleansing of Data:

With newly created data pipelines sourcing data from 5 ERP systems into a centralized Azure Data Lake, TCCI has increased visibility across global operations and improved inventory management, plus a better understanding of overall supply chain impacts.

TCCI now has standardized financial data and continues to work with HSO towards standardization and data cleansing in other areas of the business. Their newly implemented data warehouse also highlights areas for further improvement.

This project is the first step in TCCI's digital transformation and has already significantly impacted financial management processes. The solution enables data-driven supply decisions, mitigates risk, increases financial efficiencies, and enhances forecasting for resource allocations and expansion opportunities.

Beginning with a Modern Data Foundation:

Having been involved in many ERP implementations throughout her career, Carrie Young, Global IT Manager at TCCI, advises business leaders to approach digital transformation strategically, emphasizing the importance of measured, strategic steps over a "magic bullet" solution. She says, “Change management, data, and processes are critical elements often overlooked in implementing new technology and a modern data foundation is crucial for gaining a consolidated view of business metrics.”

HSO helped TCCI understand the importance of beginning their digital transformation journey with a modern data foundation – how it can not only impact how the data is accessed and used, but also how it can impact the performance of other key applications, like an ERP system.

Working with HSO:

Carrie Young, Global IT Manager at TCCI, shares, “Our partnership with HSO has been critical to the success of the implementation. We knew we could not accomplish this alone. HSO’s team acted as key business and technical advisors, accelerating the implementation process, and providing access to new technologies.”

“HSO is a proven partner in implementing large-scale global solutions, and they are positioned to support us globally. The HSO team members we are working with have brought personalized service and a high level of expertise in both technical solutions as well as the methodology required to implement a solution that can support our business now and well into the future.”

Carrie Young Global IT Manager, TCCI

TCCI's strategic partnership with HSO reflects a commitment to sustainable growth and value-add to their customers, addressing immediate challenges while preparing for a comprehensive global ERP solution in the future.


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