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Is your professional services organization fully capitalizing on its relationships?

In the competitive professional services landscape, relationships are the most critical asset for finding and winning new work. However, most firms suffer from incomplete, inaccurate, and outdated information about their contacts and relationships, even with the adoption of CRM software. Without modern relationship management technology to automate the contribution and enrichment of contact and activity data, your organization may be missing out on big opportunities.

Join our HSO professional services industry experts for a relationships envisioning workshop, a vital step in gaining insights into the quality, completeness, and accuracy of your organization's contact data and relationships. During this workshop, HSO will assess your firm's employees, contacts, clients and connections that create your internal relationship intelligence system.  Through this assessment, we will provide you with valuable insights and actionable recommendations to enhance your contact data management, relationship processing and data quality management to unlock the full potential of your greatest asset  - your relationships.

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During this workshop let's ideate together on:

  • What data do you have available and how can this data be harvested
  • How to implement the connectors to automate the harvesting process
  • How to gain real-time relationship insights to facilitate you firms business development strategies
  • How to combine this data to provide a single view of your contacts
  • How to integrate data from across your firm to gain a 360-degree view of your clients and relationships

“Many of today’s professional services firms have not been introduced to the significant technological advances that have taken place in the area of relationship intelligence.  Artificial intelligence, machine learning and gamification have changed the playing pitch for these firms.  Their relationships are one of their most valuable assets, so understanding how to capture and manage this information is an extremely valuable exercise.”  The HSO ProServ team has worked with hundreds of consulting, legal, accounting, architecture and engineering firms to define, implement and capture the benefits associated with an advanced relationship intelligence strategy.”

Whit McIsaac, Global Industry Director - Professional Services

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