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  • IDC Analyst Brief: Building the Foundation for Data-Driven Decision Making in Manufacturing

IDC Analyst Brief:
Building the Foundation for Data-Driven Decision Making in Manufacturing 

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In short

The manufacturing environment is changing faster than ever before. As the industry comes to terms with this shift, organizations that embrace resiliency will become the most successful. The improvements that can be realized through data-driven decision making are too important to overlook.

However, using data to make decisions requires that the proper digital foundation be in place, something many manufacturers currently lack. Given the complexities of managing the increasing amounts of data from products, operations, supply chains, and customers, manufacturers should consider working with a partner that can help them modernize their business and turn their digital pilots into full-scale digital transformation deployments.

IDC Analyst Brief - Building the Foundation for Data-Driven Decision Making in Manufacturing, December 2022

Knowledge and Best Practices

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Challenges and Opportunities

Enterprise Automation accelerates the digital transformation companies are looking for in order to stay competitive and resilient. What are the challenges and opportunities manufacturers encounter on their automation journey?

Data-driven decision making

65% of the decisions made in a company are more complex than just 2 years ago. That means that it’s increasingly important that companies enable personnel with the right data and analytics at the right time in the right format, to make better, data-driven decisions. (Source: Gartner studies 2021).

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