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Citizen Data Protection

How Your Government Can Ensure Comprehensive Cybersecurity with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection

As fraudulent attacks by hackers and scammers continue to rise and become increasingly sophisticated, citizen data maintained by governments of all sizes is at risk of exploitation. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in increasing citizen need for financial assistance from government, further exacerbating the problem. In Florida, the FBI says unemployment fraud is a “crisis situation”. Other states aren’t faring much better: Washington was recently hit by a second wave of unemployment fraud.

Unfortunately, few government agencies or departments can devote resources full time to identifying fraudulent activity across various channels, nor can these agencies simply write off the losses sustained in fraudulent attacks. In many cases, the funds or information accessed by fraudsters is critical to the agency’s operation or sensitive in nature.

To fight an effective battle against fraudsters, government agencies must rely on technology solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection.

Watch this on-demand webcast hosted by Microsoft and HSO to learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection can help municipalities proactively identify anomalous activity and ensure citizen data protection.

The session is kicked off by an interview with Theresa Payton, renowned cybersecurity expert, CEO of Fortalice, best-selling author, and former White House CIO. Theresa will speak about the importance of comprehensive cybersecurity to better protect your citizens.

You'll learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection can help your government:

  • Boost citizen account protection immunization by blocking fraud attacks
  • Protect your reputation by preventing citizens from being compromised or abused
  • Improve the citizen experience by reducing account login friction

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