Dynamics Matters Podcast Ep 96: Technology trends that you should use to your advantage

With special guest Touseef Zafar, CTO, HSO

✔ The urgency of aligning technology with business objectives

✔ Two technology trends shaping future innovation

✔ How to take advantage of evolving tech trends

In this episode, Touseef Zafar, the CTO of HSO, shares insights from his 17 years of experience at the forefront of technology innovation. The major shifts he highlights in the technology landscape are the move to cloud computing and the rise of remote working, both of which have become fundamental to every business strategy. 

Touseef emphasises the benefits of cloud adoption, especially for smaller businesses, as it provides access to enterprise-level computing power at a fraction of the cost. He believes that to get the best value from technology investments, organisations should focus on a combination of factors. First, choosing the right technology solution that aligns with the industry and has a proven track record is crucial. Second, partnering with the right implementation team, experienced in similar industries, can make, or break, a project. Additionally, organisations need to be open to change and adopt new ways of working to fully leverage technology's potential.

Regarding technology adoption, Touseef acknowledges that it has made life easier for organisations, but it also comes with modern challenges, such as security threats and meeting customer expectations. Artificial intelligence (AI) has become mainstream, and businesses are beginning to realize its potential to provide predictive insights from the data they collect.

Aside from AI, Touseef sees two trends that will significantly impact businesses. First, the rise of local no-code platforms, which empower end-users to quickly respond to changing business needs and add value. However, he cautions that proper controls and governance are essential to avoid potential pitfalls. Second, creating an ecosystem within organisations that fosters innovation through the use of a structured landscape and API-based infrastructure.

When it comes to adopting new technologies like AI, Touseef emphasizes the importance of aligning technology strategies with business objectives. Technologies must address customer demands and add value to the business. Additionally, organisations should focus on achieving a quick return on investment and leverage tools like local no-code and cloud adoption frameworks to achieve this.

In conclusion, Touseef believes that AI and low-code technologies will become more commonplace in the future, but their success lies in their alignment with business strategies and processes. Adopting these technologies with careful planning and the right approach can lead to significant value and positive outcomes for organisations. 

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