How to make your new Microsoft project a guaranteed success

Whatever your biggest challenge, technology has solutions. If only new technology projects weren’t so risky.

According to Gartner, 75% of ERP projects fail. McKinsey found 90% of digital transformations produce zero ROI, burdening your operation with even more problems, inefficiencies and overheads.

How to stop this happening to you?

Before you start, your technology project must take your unique business needs into account. Its success depends on making two correct decisions:

1. Your technology provider

Your technology provider must have solutions compatible with your current processes or able to support modern and newly defined processes as part of a business transformation. This provides a smooth transition from your old systems to the new. Once you have the right technology in place, you’re also better equipped to deal with sudden challenges.

2. Your business transformation partner

Your business transformation partner must understand how your new software applies to you and your colleagues. They must take a proven best-practice approach in bringing together your people, data, processes and activities in the most efficient way. And, where possible, use templated frameworks to deliver rapid results. They must also stay laser focused on your exact goals, so your project never strays off course

Getting these two decisions wrong is a key reason some technology projects fail. Fortunately, avoiding these early mistakes is easy.

In 10 minutes, this whitepaper shows you how.

After reading, you launch projects in the quickest possible time. Mistakes and mishaps are easy to resolve. Meanwhile, you keep your ongoing costs to the barest minimum.

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