• Dynamics Matters Podcast Ep 95: The key to better policing is this

Dynamics Matters Podcast Ep 95: The key to better policing is this

With special guest Harvy Rai MBE, Police Sergeant, West Midlands Police

✔ The challenges of cross-border policing

✔ The role of technology and data in creating consistent policing

✔ Why developing the right partnerships is key to better policing

In this episode, Harvy Rai, a Police Sergeant in West Midlands Police, President of the National Sikh Police Association, and an MBE recipient, discusses the challenges facing police forces today and the crucial role technology plays in addressing them. From building trust within communities to sharing data and staying one step ahead of criminals, technology is transforming the way law enforcement operates.

Good policing begins with building trust

Harvy acknowledges there are both internal and external challenges in policing. Externally, the trust and confidence that certain communities have in the police is a significant concern. Harvey references a recent report highlighting observations made by Baroness KC regarding the Metropolitan Police. He suggests that other forces should reflect on these findings and identify any similar issues within their own ranks. Internally, recruiting and retaining the right personnel is becoming increasingly difficult. Additionally, the fast-paced evolution of technology is affecting officers' ability to keep up.

The Role of Technology on the Frontline and in the Back-Office

When discussing the impact of technology, Harvey points out that frontline officers rely on various tools such as radios, fingerprint devices, and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems. On the other hand, back-office operations involve processing prisoners, managing intelligence systems, and surveillance activities. The integration and sharing of data between these technologies and officers is critical for effective policing.

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Unlocking Data and Collaboration

Harvy highlights the challenge of unlocking data within the 43 different police forces across the UK. Criminals operate beyond geographical borders, and sharing information across forces is crucial for effective law enforcement. Harvey envisions a future where information flows seamlessly across borders, enabling a more coordinated and efficient response to criminal activities. Regional organised crime units and partnerships with private industries are essential for achieving this vision.

Modernising Policing and Keeping Pace with Criminals

Historically, police forces have played catch-up with criminals. However, by collaborating with technology partners, law enforcement agencies can get ahead of the curve. They can anticipate and plan for future criminal trends and activities. Cybercrime, in particular, has led to increased investment in modernising police forces. As crime becomes more complex, partnerships with private industries, which possess research and development capabilities, become critical for equipping police with the necessary technology and tools.

The future of policing and Artificial Intelligence

Harvy believes that artificial intelligence (AI) has enormous potential in policing. While AI is yet to be fully explored in law enforcement, he suggests that utilising problem-solving models and AI algorithms could revolutionise crime prevention and detection. By feeding data into AI systems, police forces could leverage predictive analytics to identify patterns and make proactive decisions.

Develop partnerships to deliver more effective policing

Harvy Rai highlights the challenges facing modern police forces and the significant role technology plays in overcoming them. From building trust and sharing data to staying ahead of criminals, technology is transforming the landscape of law enforcement. Collaboration with technology partners and the exploration of emerging technologies like AI will pave the way for more efficient and effective policing in the future. As the world evolves, the police force must adapt, embrace innovation, and forge strong partnerships to ensure the safety and security of our communities.

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