• Dynamics Matters Podcast: Ep 25 - The benefits of automation

Dynamics Matters Podcast: Ep 25 - The benefits of automation

Dan Snowdon, Solution Director at HSO talks about what's fueling the drive to automation and how to take your first steps, including: 

✔ The ever-changing expectations of the customer
✔ Factors that can dramatically influence the supply chain process
✔ Managing skilled and expensive resources out in the field

Podcast summary:

The benefits of automation

Technology automation reduces the number of time-intensive manual tasks workers must perform. It brings with it process efficiencies that mean you’re able to direct skilled staff to projects and tasks that need a greater level of expertise. And that’s really what automation is about. It’s not a focus on technology, it’s a focus on people. It’s a recognition that the time of experienced and skilled workers is better spent on more complex business critical tasks. Tasks that will solve key challenges that move the business forward. 

Robots with boxes in a manufacturing plant

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