• Dynamics Matters Podcast Ep 107: The five pillars of successful AI adoption: pillar 3, Incremental AI

Dynamics Matters Podcast Ep 107: The five pillars of successful AI adoption: pillar 3, Incremental AI

With special guest Andrew Welch, CTO of Cloud Services, HSO.

In this, the third episode in our special 5 pillars of successful AI adoption series, we discuss:

✔ What Incremental AI is

✔ How it replaces mundane human busywork

✔ How to activate it across your Microsoft technology

Understanding Incremental AI

So, what exactly is incremental AI? Incremental AI is about leveraging artificial intelligence to improve and streamline tasks and processes that would typically be carried out by humans in your organisation. Unlike its more groundbreaking counterparts, incremental AI isn't about introducing entirely new concepts. Instead, it's all about making existing tasks faster, more precise, and efficient, ultimately freeing up human resources for more strategic activities.

Microsoft's Copilot provides an easy accessible gateway to Incremental AI. It's a great way to dive into the world of incremental AI through a set of pre-defined parameters. The CoPilot tools may not boast the same level of glamor as some of the more revolutionary AI concepts, but they are incredibly powerful and readily available for organisations. Whether it's turning on Copilot for Word, Excel, or other Microsoft applications, these services offer a low-risk entry point into AI adoption.

Overcoming cultural AI challenges

Cultural readiness is a significant challenge in the journey to embrace incremental AI. It's not just about the technology; it's about how your organisation's culture views and uses AI. Encouraging AI literacy and empowering your team to explore the ways AI can enhance their tasks is crucial for a successful transition to incremental AI.

In addition to cultural readiness, your organisation should be physically and organisationally ready for incremental AI. This involves evaluating your infrastructure, data accessibility, and ensuring that AI tools align with your strategic objectives. A clear understanding of how these tools fit into your larger framework is essential for a seamless transition to incremental AI.

Easing into Incremental AI with Copilot

CoPilot services are not standalone products but are seamlessly integrated into existing tools like Word, Excel, and Dynamics. They are designed to work within the context of these applications, making them a seamless part of your daily workflow.

One remarkable example is the Copilot integrated into Power Apps. It's not just about building apps; it extends its functionality to how users interact with them. By drawing insights from data residing within your app's data source, the Copilot empowers users to make data-driven decisions and actions. This highlights the crucial role of data consolidation and accessibility for the effective implementation of incremental AI.

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Bringing Incremental AI into your organisation

Now that you've grasped the essence of incremental AI, you might be wondering how to bring it into your organisation. The key lies in fostering a culture of AI awareness and exploration. Here's what you can do:

Cultural Shift: Start by encouraging your team to embrace AI as a tool for enhancing their work, not replacing it.

Identify Opportunities: Identify specific tasks or processes where AI can make a significant impact on efficiency and accuracy.

Evaluate Tools: Explore AI tools like Microsoft's Copilot services, which offer an accessible entry point to incremental AI.

Training and Support: Provide training and support to help your team effectively integrate AI tools into their workflows.

Monitor and Adapt: Continuously monitor the impact of incremental AI on your processes and be prepared to adapt and optimise.

The power of Incremental AI

Incremental AI may not be the flashiest AI concept, but it's a fundamental step in your organisation's AI journey. By fostering a culture that embraces AI, evaluating the tools available, and integrating them into your workflows, you can unlock the power of incremental AI to enhance efficiency and productivity. Stay tuned for our next episode, where we'll delve into the world of differential AI and its potential to revolutionise your AI strategy.

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