• Dynamics Matters Podcast Ep 101: Navigating the challenges of policing technology

Dynamics Matters Podcast Ep 101: Navigating the challenges of policing technology

With special guest Parm Singh, Business Applications Exec for Public Safety, Microsoft

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In modern policing, there are many challenges. Forces grapple with a complex set of issues, from recruiting and retaining experienced officers to harnessing the full potential of technology. As you dive into this discussion about the evolving landscape of policing, you'll explore the insights shared by Parm Singh, a former police officer with 15 years of experience who has transitioned to working with Microsoft, and Michael Lonnon, who probes into the heart of the matter.

Why experienced officers are leaving and recruitment is difficult

Singh paints a picture of the challenges police forces face. Experienced officers are leaving the force, and attracting new recruits is no easy task. Policing is a demanding, testing, job. Officers deal with a myriad of challenges, from managing crime scenes and resultant cases quickly to dealing with difficult individuals. Unfortunately, the wages don't always align with the level of dedication required, especially in today's economic climate. Additionally, opportunities outside of policing may seem more appealing to some.

Technology and process challenges

Parm Singh highlights the critical role of technology and processes in policing today. Legacy systems and monolithic applications have become hurdles that hinder efficiency and effectiveness. Despite investments in technology like Microsoft 365, optimising these tools and integrating them seamlessly into daily operations remains a challenge. Policing thrives on well-defined processes, but modernising those processes and bridging the gap between legacy systems is easier said than done.

The need for change

While police forces are aware of these issues, change is difficult. It's a delicate balance between training, skills development, and identifying areas where technology can streamline operations. Microsoft, in partnership with organisations like HSO, offer a helping hand in this transformation. They work closely with police forces to identify efficiency gains, quantify them in terms of time and cost savings, and bridge the gap between the technology they have and what they could achieve.

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Underutilised potential of technology

One critical aspect that Singh highlights is the underutilisation of technology. Many police forces may not be fully using the applications they've invested in. Microsoft's Power Platform and Dynamics 365 offer the tools to enhance user experience, drive efficiencies, and optimise the value of existing technology investments. Singh emphasises that the knowledge and partners exist to make improvements a reality.

Community collaboration

To overcome common challenges, collaboration is key. Police forces should not only seek support from technology partners but also learn from one another. Microsoft actively fosters policing communities that encourage sharing best practices and solutions. This approach reduces duplication of efforts and accelerates technology adoption. In a world where skills and upskilling are essential, sharing knowledge and building business cases can drive progress.

The varied landscape of policing technology

The use of technology in policing varies from one force to another. Some have embraced the power of Microsoft 365 and other innovative tools, while others are just beginning their journey. The ultimate goal is for each force to leverage technology to enhance operations, efficiency, and effectiveness.

The challenges faced by police forces in the realm of technology and recruitment are complex but not insurmountable. With the right support and collaboration, police forces can harness the full potential of technology, optimise processes, and create a more efficient and effective policing environment. So, if you find yourself in a position to advise a police force on navigating these challenges, remember that the key lies in talking to experts, fostering collaboration, and harnessing the power of technology for a safer and more secure future.

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