Credit Union Blueprint

Increase productivity, gain a holistic view of customer portfolios and leverage data-science-based insights to increase wallet share with our Credit Union Blueprint.

Three people reviewing a financial chart

In short

Credit Union Blueprint can help your company unify and automate your daily operational processes. The solution will simplify relationship growth with up-sell and cross-sell offers, plus integrate with all other systems under one intuitive interface.

Contents of our offering

  • 360-degree view of customer data enables employees to deliver enhanced customer experiences
  • Defend against fraud with adaptive AI technology that continuously learns evolving fraud patterns
  • Easily execute targeted and insight-driven campaigns with personalized messaging across all touchpoints
  • Segment and communicate with your members based on targeted customer profiles
  • Gain real-time sales and opportunity tracking
  • Reduce onboarding complexity, accelerate account opening and eliminate rework with automated processes and simplified workflows


  • Increased Relationship Intelligence
  • Data Hygiene Improvement
  • Dashboards and Reporting
  • Complete View of Customer Data
  • Communicate More Effectively
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Works On All Devices

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