Changing mind-sets and communicating across police departments with ERP

Policing the UK is multifaceted and complicated. Forces must be ready to respond to the modern needs of the communities they serve.

Microsoft technology for police forces

Legacy systems and working practices, however, frequently mean that forces are siloed in the information that they share. This presents an obstacle for creating modern police forces that can work flexibly and communicate between themselves. How to connect disparate police services

How to connect disparate police services

So, in an increasingly connected world, how can police forces continue to operate in siloed positions? The APCC/NPCC state in ‘Policing Vision 2025’ that modern policing needs to be “agile and outward focused. Police forces and their partners will work together in a consistent manner to enable joined up delivery around policing support services and community safety.” (1) To achieve this vision, the singular forces must find ways of flexibly communicating between departments, utilising modern digital solutions to create improved workflows and services. These digital solutions, however, must be accompanied by a cultural change within the workforce. 

Changing police force culture

This change in culture, historically, has not been implemented alongside large-scale public-sector IT deployments. Traditionally, top-down deployments of IT solutions negate addressing the day-to-day concerns and obstacles for staff. The workforce, therefore, does not use the solution to its best use case and, in turn, inefficiency is exacerbated, rather than reduced. In addressing the cultural change and the needs of staff first, then implementing technical solutions from the ground up, incrementally, forces can address obstacles faced. Solutions can be used to the best of their use case leading to efficiencies and ‘agile’ policing. (2) It all starts from addressing a workforce’s mindset towards the inefficiencies they see every day.

Arrested Development: Realigning ERP with Positive Police Outcomes

The second section of our whitepaper ‘Embracing Change: Realigning ERP with Positive Police Outcomes’ addresses this change in mind set when implementing technical solutions. It takes the reader on a deep dive into how digital solutions, specifically Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), can transform the police services both on a cultural level and within working practices. The white paper explores:

  • The current state of police forces communication across departments
  • The need for secure collaboration between forces and departments
  • Past failures to implement technological solutions and the tangible learnings gleaned.
  • The role of data sharing in modern police forces
  • How implementing digital solutions must be accompanied by a change in workforce mind-set
  • How modern innovations in ERP can help implement it organically within teams
  • How ERP can help end the siloing of vital data needed by multiple teams, departments, and forces.

As part of our exploration into how to implement ERP within police forces, we’ve also produced a brand-new podcast. ‘The Importance of Adopting a Platform First ERP Approach to Deliver Modern Agile Policing’ is the second of a four-part series in which we will drill down into the obstacles facing police forces today. 

Our timely, informative and accessible conversation features some of the leading digital thinkers in the field of policing technology today. Sharing their knowledge and experience are: 

Stephen and Stan delved into the modern challenges faced by the police, while Andrew shared his insightful industry-based learnings. The conversation explored such questions as:

  • Why is it important to begin IT projects with a mind-set shift, leaning towards change management and processes approaches before implementing tech solutions?
  • Is today’s policing approach towards technology adoption flawed, and if so, why?
  • How is low code technology, such as Microsoft Power Apps, changing the way policing is delivered?
  • Is a foundational approach the right approach when looking at IT projects?

Podcast and Whitepaper from this series

Listen to our podcast and whitepaper from this series

Microsoft technology for Police forces

Visit our page below to listen to the podcast, read your free copy of our white paper, and learn more about ERP.

Microsoft Technology for Police Forces

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