• Microsoft Technology for Police Forces

Microsoft Technology for Police Forces

Prevent and reduce the fear of crime, and improve the quality of life for all members of the public with Microsoft technology.

Do UK police forces have arrested development?

Recent aims to recruit an extra 20,000 police officers demonstrates the increased demand on police forces. And as society changes, so must policing evolve, and fast. We live an increasingly digital life, and this has created a need for policing to become more digitally enabled.

In line with Government ambitions, adopting digitalisation to join up core services will create strong foundations for change. And enabling simpler, more effective collaboration, will empower staff to make rapid and decisive decisions; streamlining services to deliver efficiencies and better outcomes. And this is where HSOs Microsoft specialists, and police experts come in.

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Our Microsoft capabilities

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Enable self-service and process automation

Police forces face growing pressure to improve response times, deliver better and higher quality care, and meet targets set by central government.

A mix of legacy systems and outdated processes slows work and reduces impact of services delivered.

This is where HSO can help.

Dynamics 365 improves self-service and process automation by integrating seamlessly with other Microsoft technologies such as Outlook, Teams, and the Power Platform, connecting front-line staff and back-line support with citizens.

An integrated ERP platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers real-time data and a means for police forces to respond faster to the demands placed on them.

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