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How AI makes employees more productive and enhances human connections

19 Apr, 2024

AI makes organizations smarter, more efficient, and yes, truly more human. But how do you ensure that your employees use it in a way that genuinely helps them with every task? It all starts with awareness: discovering for yourself how Artificial Intelligence can support you and where its limitations lie. Once that foundation is in place, organizations can truly harness AI to their advantage.

Jerrold Stolk (Technology Lead) and Aldrik de Jongh (Senior Business Consultant) have taken the initiative within HSO to put AI on the map. They do this by running knowledge sessions, internally and for clients. Additionally, HSO has already assisted several clients with AI projects. For example, to gain insights into setting prices or to predict when a machine will need maintenance. But anyone looking to work with AI doesn’t have to think so big from the start.

Reduced Stress

AI is relatively easy to implement and can immediately make a significant impact. Aldrik mentions the customer service department as an example. “An employee doesn’t have to act immediately when a customer calls. They see a summary of the initial contact, for example, via a smart chatbot. If the customer has a question or there is an issue, they search the system for a solution, partly based on information about how similar issues have been resolved in the past. This way, you have a service employee who experiences less stress, a more satisfied customer, and a more efficient organization. This is a significant advantage, considering the tight labor market.”

Core knowledge

Many people are familiar with ChatGPT, which simplifies daily tasks with similar tools. Its counterpart, Copilot, is available in almost all Microsoft business software packages. (Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365). It is an additional feature that generates or summarizes text and can answer a myriad of questions. As such, Copilots becomes a personal assistant for employees in sales, marketing, finance, and software development. During the knowledge sessions, employees learn how these tools can help them in their daily work.

AI works for individual employees, but it also connects the entire organization, for example, by efficiently capturing best practices. Aldrik: “Every organization has a lot of core knowledge that everyone can leverage so they don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time. When it comes to logistical processes, accounting, or ordering products... If you can supplement processes with a Copilot, you save time and make it much easier to onboard employees.”

Just try it

If you truly want AI to function as a connector throughout your organization, you need to get everyone on board. Knowledge sessions facilitate this process. “We invite people to consider what they can ask a Copilot though every step of their work, and just try it. We also help employees ask good questions, with as much context as possible. The more specific the question (or prompt), the better the answer. Once this has been adopted by the organization, it’s easier to take the next step.” 

Check the outcome: traceability and transparency are critical

The next step is ensuring that you store data in your organization in an efficient, responsible manner, Jerrold explains. “ChatGPT contains data from almost the entire internet. You want to link the specific data from your organization, but do it in such a way that you can quickly retrieve relevant information. If you have a perfectly maintained knowledge base, chances are high that you will get quality answers. You also need to define what the single source of truth is. Where does that data lie in the organization? Traceability and transparency are essential. Copilot always mentions the sources used, but despite that, you need to remain critical and be able to verify the results.”

Where do you start?

AI can save you a lot of time in every phase of a project. “Everyone should ask themselves which tasks take a lot of time, and which tasks are difficult because you have to gather a lot of information. Consider which aspects of your work can be accomplished by smart copilots and discuss your thoughts with your colleagues. With Bing Copilot, everyone can explore the possibilities.”

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