• Video: Revitalizing Your Credit Union Membership with AI & Self-Service from Microsoft Copilot

Video: Revitalizing Your Credit Union Membership with AI & Self-Service

From Microsoft Copilot

Exceptional member services are the backbone of every successful credit union. That's why we are excited to present Microsoft Copilot, a groundbreaking solution that will revitalize your membership experience through the power of AI and self-service.

What sets credit unions apart from banks is the personal touch you offer members, fostering a close-knit community that feels like family.

We know that a personalized experience leads to happier members who, in turn, become your most valued advocates, referring friends, family, and colleagues to join your credit union.

However, we also understand that in today's fast-paced world, members increasingly seek self-service options to manage their finances efficiently.

That's where HSO's Solution for Credit Unions comes in, combining a 360-degree view with AI-driven tools to create a seamless member experience.

Our solution empowers your branch with a range of interactive features

  1. Relationship Managers with Real-Time Insights:

Your relationship managers can access comprehensive member account information and life events instantly, allowing them to provide personalized guidance and support.

  1. Front Line Tellers for Swift Transactions:

Efficient and fast transactions are made possible with our AI-powered teller system, enabling your staff to serve members promptly and accurately.

  1. KPI Dashboards for Performance Tracking:

Keep track of branch performance and individual roles with easy-to-understand Key Performance Indicator dashboards, empowering your team to optimize their performance.

  1. Cross-Selling and Upselling Opportunities:

Our solution facilitates cross-selling and upselling of relevant products and services to your members, driving increased engagement and revenue.

  1. Intelligent Recommendations with Machine Learning:

By leveraging machine learning models, Copilot offers next-best product suggestions tailored to each member's unique financial needs.

Credit Union Innovation with Dynamics

Check out this video series to see how you can improve customer experience with collaboration, personalized interactions, and bespoke solutions

Experience the heart of self-service with user-friendly portals, chatbots, and virtual agents, providing instant answers and personalized marketing content

Empower your members with tailored self-service options, making banking a breeze and driving increased engagement and revenue.

At HSO, we are committed to providing your branch with the tools and technology needed to elevate member satisfaction, foster lasting relationships, and drive growth.

Contact us now to schedule a personalized demo and experience the future of credit union banking. Together, let's revolutionize your credit union's member experience.

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