Video: Meeting my Targets and Goals as a Commercial Bank Loan Officer with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights allows a commercial bank loan officer to track activities and pipeline for more opportunities

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How commercial bank loan officers meet their targets and goals with Actionable Insights

Today, we’re going to run through how you could meet your targets and goals with Dynamics 365 as a commercial loan officer in a commercial bank.

Personal Dashboard

In this case, I see I’ve got some upcoming meetings. I have additional ones that I’m also working on. And then, we have our smart software all on my dashboard – this is just letting me know that I’ve got some opportunities that are closing and that I haven’t had recent activity with a few clients. Really helps me make sure that I maintain those relationships.

Meeting targets and goals as a bank loan officer - 01

Then, we have the different types of opportunities and my pipeline over time in more of a bar graph.

Meeting targets and goals as a bank loan officer - 02

Commercial Banking Dashboard

Before I prepare for today though, I’m going to do just a quick little review of my entire pipeline using the Commercial Banking and Power BI dashboard that’s part of our solution.

So, let’s just open this up a little bit and we’ll see at a glance what my pipeline and active deals look like at the moment. As we can see, I can get a bird’s eye view of my total portfolio, the number of leads and the value of those leads, the number of opportunities and the value of those opportunities, how am I doing against my target to date and how am I doing with commissions. Overall, I’m pretty close to meeting my target.

I can also look historically. So, if I want to go back in time and see how I’m doing quarter by quarter, we can do that or just do a simple roll up of everything. Here are my top five deals, and then here are my top 10 customers. Performance over time and then my open deals by stage.

Meeting targets and goals as a bank loan officer - 03

Manager Dashboard

If I’m a manager, I can even get an overview of all my branches. As we can see, I have a roll up of all outstanding loans, how we’re doing by region, how we’re doing by branch, and a breakdown of who our clients are by industry, and then our total type products, and where we’re doing business. Really super to have all this information immediately.

Meeting targets and goals as a bank loan officer - 04

Drill-Down View of Customer

Now, let’s go in and take another look at the customers that I’m going to be meeting with today, and that’s Pediatric Care Center. The first view that I see is this Customer 360. And what it’s showing is really a roll up of all our activities.

Meeting targets and goals as a bank loan officer - 05

We can see our customer satisfaction scores, lifetime value, what our estimated wallet share is. I can even see the number of interactions that we’re having with this client. Are they using mobile banking? Are they coming into our branches and how often?

Meeting targets and goals as a bank loan officer - 06

Next Best Action

Then, I can do a breakdown of the different types of products that they currently have, as well as using that smart software to let me know that there’s been a disputed transaction and what their recent credit limit was.

Based upon all this data, it’s making a recommendation for next best action. So in this case, is a new loan product and it’s looking like this is a good fit for this particular client.

Meeting targets and goals as a bank loan officer - 07

I can also get visibility into other parts of the branch and the bank just by seeing that we offer wealth services, but so far, we’re not providing any of those services. The recommended action there is, let’s get them introduced to an advisor.

Meeting targets and goals as a bank loan officer - 08

And finally, if I scroll down a little bit further. I can even see that information over time. Now that I’ve looked at everything that I need to from a performance perspective, I’m now confident I can go in and better service this customer.

Meeting targets and goals as a bank loan officer - 09

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