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  • Video: How to quickly build, filter, share targeted lists in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for greater efficiency

Video: How to Quickly Build, Filter, Save and Share Targeted Lists in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Greater Efficiency

How to quickly build targeted lists and views in Microsoft Dynamics 365

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How to quickly build, filter, save and share targeted lists in Microsoft Dynamics 365

In this recording, we’re going through a challenge that we hear often, and it may sound simple, but for most applications it’s a lot more complex and challenging than it should be.

When we talk about lists, there’s all kinds of lists that we need to create. When we want to send out communications about the holidays, if we’re going to have events, either person or digital events, we need to build a list. Sometimes, we need to share those lists with other individuals within the organization.

Select criteria to create list

I’ll show you how quickly and easily you can build lists with filtering inside of Dynamics. First thing we’re going to do is add a couple of columns here so that I can do some additional filtering.

I want to know AUM. So, I’m going to add AUM to my columns here.

I’m going to also just say maybe I also want to see something related to deals.

So, I add those two fields. I can put them anywhere I want simply by dragging and dropping but I’m going to leave them in this particular order.

Notice that I now have those two columns added.

I can now do some filtering based upon those columns I just added. Let’s say that I want to focus on everyone that has an AUM of greater than or equal to 500,000. Just apply and now I’ve filtered my list on those criteria.

Next, I want a list to only target individuals and organizations that are in the State of Ohio. Add that one and say equal to Ohio. So very quickly, very easily, we’ve narrowed that down to just Ohio, organizations that have greater than 500,000 in AUM.

Plus, I can still see all the open deals that we have with those organizations.

Save a list to use later as a view

Let’s say I want to use that repeatedly. I’m going to go ahead and just save that view and I’m going to name it, “Orgs With Greater Than 500 Mil in Ohio.”

Simple as that, I now have a list that’s reusable, that’s also Dynamic. That means when any other organizations in Ohio reach 500,000 or more, they will automatically be added to that list.

I can very simply and easily grab it right from this little dropdown.

Then, more importantly, if I want to share that with someone in the organization who doesn’t have Dynamics, I simply come over here to export to Excel. It’s going to export those records to Excel.

There’s our list in Excel.

I have a very simple to build list of all organizations over 500,000 in Ohio. This can be done at any level organizations, contacts, opportunities, you name it. Really a great feature to help improve efficiency and effectiveness in building those lists. So, simple, easy, awesome list building.

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