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  • Video: How Leveraging AI Empowers Your Insurance Agents with Self-Service from Microsoft Copilot

Video: How Leveraging AI Empowers Your Insurance Agents with Self-Service

From Microsoft Copilot

Insurance is more than just policies and premiums – it's about people, trust, and the assurance that when things go wrong, support is only a phone call away. In a fast-paced world, traditional methods of customer support can fall short.

That's why we are excited to present Microsoft Copilot, a groundbreaking solution that will enhance customer experience and drive productivity through the power of AI and self-service.

From frustration to seamless service

Before Copilot:

You know the story all too well. A long-term customer calls their agent, upset about a claim rejection. The agent feels helpless and promises to call back, only to face a maze of bureaucracy.

The result? An unhappy customer, an unhappy agent, and an unhappy carrier. The agent may even be tempted to write policies with a different company.

After Copilot: 

Copilot changes the game. With its smart chatbot functionality, agents can instantly communicate with the system to check the status of a claim, initiate a dispute, or even analyze claims in the region.

Whether it's responding to clients of another language or deftly managing multiple inquiries, Copilot’s multi-language analysis capability streamlines interactions.

Our solution empowers your agents with a range of interactive features

Experience the heart of self-service with user-friendly portals, chatbots, and virtual agents, providing instant answers and personalized marketing content

Imagine a world where a smart chatbot agent analyzes all the claims in a region, responding to natural disasters with automated solutions. Copilot is a reality that translates to satisfied customers, happy agents, and thriving carriers.

At HSO, we are committed to providing you with the tools and technology needed to elevate customer satisfaction, foster lasting relationships, and drive growth.

Contact us now to schedule a personalized demo and experience the future of insurance. Together, let's revolutionize your customer's experience.

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