• The Intelligent Retailer: Empower your staff with Power Virtual Agents

The Intelligent Retailer Ep 4: Empower your staff with Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents lets you create powerful AI-powered chatbots for a range of requests within your team.


Power Virtual Agents helps you to support your staff by creating AI-powered chatbots for a wide range of requests — from providing, for example, current stock availability to getting access to the analytics dashboard, where your employees spend the most amount of time answering questions.


Empower your staff with Power Virtual Agents

HSO Consultancy Offering: Advancing Customer Self-Service with Power Virtual Agents

Empowering Customer Service: Achieving Value and Efficiency through Strategic Self-Service Solutions

Customer service and support teams today are under pressure to deliver tangible value. But how? With budget and other constraints, that objective can’t be reached simply by throwing more resources at the problem.

The answer: Improve the customer experience while managing costs by investing in self-service solutions.

The Intelligent Retailer

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This e-book addresses current trends, issues and challenges in the main customer facing channels, namely stores and online.


What can HSO technology do to improve your Customer Engagement?

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