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  • Power Platform and AI in AEC: Transforming Quality Assurance Processes

Power Platform AI in AEC: Transforming Quality Assurance Processes

With Microsoft Power Platform and easily deployable AI solutions, HSO’s aec360 team puts the power of tomorrow’s technologies in your hands today.

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What if you could empower your engineers, surveyors, and construction teams with a single tool that allows them to simplify Quality Assurance (QA) processes and dramatically reduce the amount of effort required to satisfy QA measures? Discover the potential of an AI-enabled Power App, built on Microsoft’s Power Platform, that can help your AEC firm achieve new levels of efficiency without spending huge amounts of time and financial resources.

Streamlining QA process

Let’s say your firm wants to prioritize quality assurance standards in land surveys. Your teams may start by building a detailed checklist of standards to be met before, during, and after each land surveying project.

The data you collect will serve many critical purposes, from targeting internal quality improvements to achieving ISO Certification and fulfilling state DOT requirements. You may also plan to use this information to create reports for clients to position your firm as a leader in quality.

But manually collecting data in the field is inefficient, and it leaves room for error or omissions. It also requires extensive office time to upload, input, and sort the data collected at multiple stages of a project.

Instead, your surveyors can use a Power App on their mobile device while they are on-site to complete the process in a few simple steps:

  • Surveyors begin at the app’s user-friendly central hub where they can quickly navigate to the survey they need to complete.
  • They answer required questions, add comments, and even upload photos or videos without leaving the app.
  • The data is submitted and filed in your system in real time.
  • The entire QA checklist, notes, images, and videos documenting every step of the process are completed in minutes. The data and client reports are accessible instantly.

See our sample QA app in action.

Your Solution for Quality Assurance in Surveying

The application streamlines the Quality Assurance (QA) process and reduces the time and effort needed to meet QA standards. Unlock unprecedented efficiency for your AEC company, all without draining your time and budget.

Harnessing Intelligent Innovations

The example demonstrated above is just one of the many solutions that  Microsoft Power Apps and low-code AI technology offers to streamline processes within your AEC firm. With minimal effort from your IT department, low/no-code solutions offer game-changing technologies to optimize a variety of other field and office applications, from marketing  through to project completion.

These new solutions, developed through the Microsoft Power Platform, offer unprecedented flexibility levels while integrating seamlessly with your existing Microsoft tools. With limitless flexibility, the platform allows your teams to create tools that address your firm’s exact needs and specifications, today and into the future.

While you can create and customize low/no code applications on your own, a consultant like HSO can help set up your firm to succeed, from strategic ideas on how to improve efficiencies to successful execution and maintenance of a powerful suite of custom-designed apps.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you streamline any process and position your firm as a leader in quality assurance and service.


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