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  • Power Platform AI in AEC: Streamlining Inspector’s Daily Reports

Power Platform AI in AEC: Streamlining Inspector’s Daily Reports

HSO’s aec360 team leverages the Microsoft Power Platform to give your firm intelligent, customizable solutions and a distinct competitive advantage

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For engineering firms and contractors, completing an Inspector's Daily Report (IDR) is a necessary but often manual and time-consuming process.

To demonstrate just one of the ways that  the Microsoft Power Platform and low-code AI tools can help your firm operate more efficiently, our team created an app that helps improve this process through image recognition and handwriting identification.

Activating Machine Learning Capabilities for AEC Firms

This Power App allows the often extensive checklist of items that must be monitored daily on a job site to be completed with enhanced precision and efficiency, and sent to sent back to the office in real-time.

Using pre-built artificial intelligence capabilities, this Power App quickly converts handwritten field notes into text. It also dynamically identifies equipment — and documents its status — by interpreting images. Because the technology incorporates machine learning, accuracy levels increase each time your teams use this tool.

This mobile app also provides a user-friendly approach to monitoring activities and maintaining documentation, and the capability to sync with cloud data means the information is easily accessible anywhere.

Watch a walk-through here:

Streamline your Inspector Daily Report

With this new Power App, your IDRs can be completed in a fraction of the time typically required and with greater accuracy. Your firm also gains the advantage of more reliable and easily accessible documentation to verify whether the equipment is on-site, idle, or in use throughout each project.

Deploying AI at Your AEC Firm

Improving IDRs is just a start. Our aec360 team is committed to helping your organization streamline processes across the board. Microsoft’s Power Platform is an ideal solution to automate manual processes. It opens the door to endless innovation and puts the power of technologies like artificial intelligence in your firm’s toolbox.


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