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  • Making the case for ERP change: delivering ERP with impact and value

Episode 4: Making the case for ERP change: delivering ERP with impact and value

In this, the 4th and final episode of the modern ERP for police forces series, experts from across UK policing discuss how to make the case for changing ERP as part of delivering a modern policing service.


To police forces that want ERP for modern law enforcement, start here. In this, the fourth and final episode in HSOs ‘How modern ERP strategies impact and enable smart policing across the UK’ series, we’re joined by Police Scotland’s Head of Strategy, Insight, and engagement, Kirsty-Louise Campbell, together with Somerset Constabulary’s ERP Programme Director, Phil Baxter.

All around you officers wade through the mire of creaking systems and manual tasks. Too much time is lost to mundane busywork, when staff need to be focused elsewhere. It’s time for a change.

You’ve seen the range of ERP solutions in the market, you’ve started mapping a platform first approach, and you can see the direction of travel. You’re ready to get started. Now you make the case for change.

Here is where you sell in how you plan to supply an ERP that delivers value. But where do you start? What does value looks like – and how do you maintain it? What is a best practice - and then what should you have at the end?

For any force looking to build a smarter, fit for purpose, platform, this podcast offers many greater pointers.

Episode 4

Making the case for ERP change: delivering ERP with impact and value

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