Episode 1: How technology and digital transformation are impacting operational policing

How modern ERP strategies impact and enable smart policing across the UK with Greater Manchester Police and MET Police.


Technology has changed the variety of ways criminals can cause crime. It’s made it easier to initiate. And easier to conceal. Police forces have their work cut out keeping up with these new ways to disrupt people’s lives. But technology also provides the means to counter criminal activity – if police forces can keep up.

In this podcast, experts from the world of technology and policing sit down to discuss the big question: IS technology shaping policing for the better? Are UK police forces taking advantage of advancements in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), predictive analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and other new tools to reduce pressure on policing and improve results?

You’ll hear from the Metropolitan Police and Greater Manchester Police as they detail how modern ERP strategies enable them to deliver smarter policing.

Episode 1

How technology and digital transformation is impacting operational policing

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